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Kilmer Farm Equipment Consignment Auction, Saturday, March 2, 2019 • 10 AM, 14769 Cattle Lane, Versailles, MO
 Auction Location 
14769 Cattle Ln.
Versailles, MO  65084
 Directions  Refer to Map Below
At the Intersection of Hwy 5 & Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Lane then turn Right ( East)
and go ¾ mile to Sale Site.
Online Bidding Available on Bidding, Catalog & Registration Here
 2 Rings may run day of sale.
Please note that this sale bill is subject to additions
& deletions due to daily business.
Loading out equipment March 4 thru March 9.
Call to make appointment if loading out after March 9th.
Farm & Construction Equipment
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 Tractors & Loaders

2013 JD 8285R, CAH, MFWD, Duals, 18 Spd,
     PS Trans, 3 SCVs, Rear Weights, 4382 Hrs
1989 JD 4055, CAH, MFWD, 15 Spd, PS Trans,
     2 SCVs, New Bearings on Crank Shaft,
     Rebuilt 2000 Hrs Ago, 9606 Hrs
JD 6910, CAH, MFWD, 20 Spd, PQ Trans,
     3 SCVs, Frt Suspension, 5712 Hrs
2015 JD 6115M, CAH, MFWD, 3 SCVs,
     Buddy Seat, 16 Spd PQ Trans, 540/1000 PTO,
     w/ New JD H310 Loader, Bale Spike, 3402 Hrs
2005 JD 6420, Canopy, MFWD, 12x4 Trans,
     2 SCVs, 540/1000 PTO, Approx. 1200 Hrs
JD 4255, PS, 3 Hyd Outlets, 18.4-42 Tires,
     2wd, 5455 Hrs
2009 JD 6230, MFWD, ROPS, 2 SCVs,
     540/1000 PTO, 2920 Hrs
2013 JD 5100E, MFWD, ROPS, 2 SCVs,
     12x12 Pwr Reverser Trans, Economy PTO,
     1304 Hrs
2013 JD 5085E, MFWD, ROPS, 2 SCVs,
     12x12 Pwr Reverser Trans, Economy PTO,
     w/ H240 Loader, 1266 Hrs
1996 JD 6300, MFWD, ROPS, 16 Spd, PQ Trans,
     2 SVCs, 540/1000 PTO, w/ JD 640 Loader,
     6172 Hrs
2015 JD 4066M, MFWD, ROPS, 3 Spd, Hydro,
     2 SCVs, 1450 Hrs
2002 JD 4510, MFWD, ROPS,
     12x12 Pwr Reverser Trans, w/ JD 460 Loader,
     1823 Hrs
2011 JD 4120, Canopy, MFWD,
     12x12 Pwr Reverser Trans, 1 SCV,
     w/ JD 400X Loader, 615 Hrs
JD 6300L Tractor, 2wd, ROPS, PQ,
     Small Electrical Fire, Not Running
JD 2350, ROPS, 2wd, 8 Spd Trans, 2 SCVs
JD 2155, ROPS, 2wd, 8 Spd Trans, 5462 Hrs
2006 JD 2305, MFWD, ROPS,
     Hydro, 62" Mower Deck, 517 Hrs
JD 2010, Gas, New Rear Tires,
     Sync Range 8x2 Trans
JD 3020, Diesel, WF, Engine, Overhaul
2010 MF 2680, HD, MFWD, OS, Dual SCVS,
     540/1000 PTO, Low Profile, 2363 Hrs
Ford 7700, CAH, Dual Power, 8600 Hrs
1964 Oliver 550 Tractor, Gas, Live PTO, 3pt,
     New Paint, Runs Good
1978 IH 1086, CAH, Good TA, 6244 Hrs
2014 MF 4610, MFWD, ROPS,
     12x12 Pwr Reverser Trans, 2 SCVs,
     540/1000 PTO, w/ MF 936X Loader
Ferguson T020, New Paint and Tires
Ferguson T030, Runs Good
Farmall 200, NF, QH, Runs
Farmall H, Like New Tires, 3pt, Runs
MF 1100, Diesel, 2 SCVs, 540/1000 PTO,
     Multi Power, New Paint
JD 720, Diesel, Pony Start, PS, 1 SCV,
     Independent PTO, WF, New Paint
JD 3020, Gas, WF, 2 SCVs, New Paint
MF 6170, CAH, MFWD,
     Loader w/ Bucket and Spike, 5000 Hrs
MF 4253, 1726 Hrs, 2wd, ROPS
IH TD6 Crawler, Repainted
NH TN75S, MFWD, 16x16 Power Shuttle,
     Super Steer, w/ Loader, 2225 Hrs
Quickie 061 Loader for Case IH MX
Case IH LX132 Loader
Dual 345 Loader w/ Bale Spike and Bucket,
     Fits 1955 Oliver, White, MM
NH 270TL Loader w/ Bucket and Brackets
Added 2-13-2019
JD 6220 Tractor, 850 Hrs, MFWD, PQ, Rops,
     3 SCV’s, w/ JD 640 Loader
JD 5100E Tractor, CAH, 4200 Hrs, MFWD,
     w/ JD H240 Loader

Added 2-19-2019
JD 5200 Tractor, 2wd, ROPS, JD 522 Loader,
     Skid Steer QT Bucket,
     w/ Like New Firestone Tires
JD 740 Classic Loader
      w/ Bucket and Brackets to fit JD 4230, 4240,
      4250, 425


 Combines, Heads, 
      Header Trailers

1987 Case IH 1660, 2wd, Used in 2018, 4825 Hrs
Case IH 1660, Specialty Rotor, Field Tracker,
     4x4, 4561 Hrs
NH TR86 Combine, Terrain Tracer,
     Corn and Soybean, 2wd, Field Ready
Case IH 1680, 4x4, Cummins Eng, Straw Chopper,
     Kile Specialty Rotor, Used in 2018, 4800 Hrs
JD 3300, CAH, Diesel, Auto Head Control,
     w/ 213 Flex Head
JD 7720 Titan II, 4x4, Automatic Header Control, Straw Chopper, Chaff Spreader,
     w/ 920 Floating Platform, Used in 2018
Gleaner K2, Diesel, Hyd Fold Auger,
     Straw Chopper, Stored in Shed, Sn# KKS25455
1998 JD 893 Cornhead, CM Hyd Deck Plates
JD 925 Flex Head, Hyd and Aft
1992 Case IH 1063 Cornhead,
     2 Seasons on Chains and Sprockets
Gleaner 238 2RW Cornhead, Black
Gleaner 13' Head,
     Floating Cutter Bar on Head Trailer
(2) Gleaner 2 Row Corn Heads
2018 EZ Trail 680 Head Trailer, 26',
     U-justable Rail, w/ Tie Strap
2018 EZ Trail 680 Head Trailer, 21',
     U-justable Rail, w/ Tie Strap
EZ Trail 880 Draper Head Trailer, 26x12-12 Tires
New IA 420 Header Trailer
JD 216 Platform Head
JD 3940 Chopper
NH 782 Chopper
     w/ NH 824 Corn Head and Hay Pickup Head
JD 7' Hay Pickup Head, Rebuilt
(2) JD 5' Hay Pickup Heads
JD 2RN Corn Head
NH 824 Corn Head w/ New Chains
Added 2-19-2019
Case IH 1020 Flexhead, 20’

 Planters, Drills
      & Sprayers

JD 1760 Planter, N/T,
     Newer Martin Floating Row Cleaners,
     Seed Firmers, Mechanical Drive,
     3 Bu and 1 Bu Boxes, Corn Meters,
     Radial Bean Meters, Milo Cups, Monitor,
     Good Condition
JD 7000 6RN Planter, N/T,
     w/ Precision Corn Meters, Bean Cups
(2) JD 7000 6 RN Planters, N/T, Corn Meters
JD 7000 Planter, 4 Row, 38"
NH SP480 Planter, 8/30, Vac, N/T
Hardy 500 Gal Sprayer, Tandem Axle, 42' Booms
Bestway 500 Gal Sprayer, Hyd Drive Pump,
    35' Booms
JD 8300 Drill, 23 Hole, Press Wheels
JD FBA Drill, 11 Hole, Grass Seeder
JD 8300 Drill, 21 Hole, Press Wheels
2003 JD 4710 Sprayer, 90' Booms, 20' Spacing,
     SS Tank, Frt. Weights, Raven-Envizio Pro,
     AccuBoom, Ultra Glide, Sn#N04710X004284
JD 535 Sprayer, 350 Gal Tank, 45' Booms,
     Foam Markers, Rebuilt Pump, w/ Controller
Added 2-13-2019
Case IH 800 6R Planter
Added 2-15-2019
2005 Kinze 3600, 12/23, no til coulters,
     electric row shut offs
Added 2-19-2019
JD Vanbrunt 13 Hole Grain Drill
JD 494 Planter, Shedded
Case IH 5100 Drill, 21 Hole, Double Disk Openers,
     Press Wheels


 Tillage Equipment

White 435 Disk Chisel, 9 Shank
Krause 20' Disk, Hyd Fold
IH 490 Disk, 21' Hyd Fold, 20" Blades, 9" Spacing
IH 470 Disk, 13', w/ Hyd Cyl
IH 470 Disk, 15 ½', w/ Hyd Cyl
Krause 209A Disk, 11 ½'
White 225 Field Cultivator, 20" Hyd Fold
Brillion 12' Cultimulcher, w/ Hyd Cyl
Dunham Lehr 12' Cultimulcher, w/ Hyd Cyl
Brillion 10' Cultimulcher
JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 15'
(2) JD 3x16 Plows, 3pt. Coulters, Tail Wheel,
     New Paint
JD RM 6RN Cultivator, 3pt
AC 2x14 Plow, 3pt
Case 9 Shank Chisel Plow, PT
JD 1610 Chisel Plow, 11 Shank
IH 4500 Field Cultivator, 21', Hyd Fold
IH 10' Disk
MF 1 Shank Ripper, 3pt
Glencoe 7 Shank Soil Saver Disk Chisel
300 Gal. Liquid N Applicator, 6 Row, PT
AC 6 Row Cultivator, 3pt
IH 370 Disk, 13'
Krause 1680 Disk, 16 ½' Center Fold
JD 5 Bottom Plow, 3pt
JD 13' HD Disk, Cone Blades
Hineker 5000 6RN Cultivator, 3pt
Buffalo 3pt Guidance System
8' Rotary Hoe, 3pt
2 Bottom Plow, 3pt
Rhino SM81 Tiller, 7', 3pt
JD 4 Row Cultivator, 3pt
Burch 12' Disk
Added 2-13-2019
JD 1350 Plow, 5 Bottom, Semi Mnt
Brillion 15’ Cultimulcher


 Manure Spreaders
      & Handling Equip.

NH Tandem Axle, Hyd End Gate
JD 40, PTO, Hyd End Gate
IH Ground Drive
Hesston 235, Single Axle
Colby 3400 Tandem Axle
NH 155, 217 bu, Nice
JD 874 Side Slinger, 540 PTO, Little Use,
     Very Nice
Hydra Spread 277, Hydra Push, Tandem
NI 15, Triple Beater, PTO
Gehl 14' Silage Wagon
Added 2-13-2019
JD 550 Manure Spreader



King Kutter 5', 3pt
JD HX15 Batwing, Frt and Rear Chains,
     Kept in Shed, 1000 RPM
Brush Hog 6', 3pt
Brush Hog Sqealer 6', 3pt
New 72" Skidsteer Brush Hog
Howse 400, 4' Brush Hog, 3pt
Bush Hog 2715L Batwing, 15' 540 PTO,
     New Blades, New PTO, New Clutches
Sidewinder SW66 Brush Hog, Tire Drive,
     Pull Type
HD 72" Brush Mower


 Grain Carts,
    Gravity Flows
       & Gravity Augers

EZ Trail 700 Grain Cart, Good 24.5-32 Tires
Hieder 14' Rear Dump Wagon, 10 Ton Hoist
Killbros 350 Gravity Wagon, on JD 1065 Gear
SnowCo Auger Wagon, Needs Repair
40'x6" Grain Auger, Pull Type
250 bu. Gravity Flow Wagon, w/ Hyd Auger
Killbros 390 Gravity Wagon,
     w/ Westfield Seed Auger
Feteral 60'x8" Auger w/ Swing Hopper
Added 2-13-2019
EZ Trail 450 Gravity Wagon
     on EZ Trail 15 Ton Gear
J&M 525-SD Gravity Wagon
     on J&M 15 Ton Gear w/ Brakes


 Hay Equipment

JD 567 Baler, Megawide, Net Wrap
2015 McHale V660 Baler, 2400 Bales, 4'x5½',
     540 PTO, Net Wrap, Auto Lube,
     Hyd Adjust Cutter Kinves, Hyd Drop Floor
Hesston 5580 Round Baler, Twine, Electric Tie,
     w/ Monitor
JD 100 Big Sq Baler, 3x3x8 Bales, Field Ready
NH 855 Round Baler
Vicon CM 247 Disc Mower, 8', 3pt
NH 1465 Haybine
NH 268 Sq Baler, Needs Work
Ford 501 Sickle Bar Mower
IH 990 Haybine, 9' Cut, Rollers
2009 JD 635 MoCo, 11'6" Cut, Flails, 1000 PTO,
     New Complete Factory Cutter Bar
JD 820 MoCo Rubber Rollers, 540 PTO, 9'9" Cut
Premier 1900 Swather, 30'
NH 166 Hay Merger, Hyd Belt
M&W 8 Wheel Rake, Hyd. Fold, Good Wheels
Kuhn GMD 77HD Disc Mower, New Rock Guards,
     8', 3pt
LMC 8907 Twin Basket Bar Rake, Hyd Fold
Vermeer TD 200 Hay Tedder, 4 Basket,
     Hyd Fold, Needs Repair
Phiber Hay Merger
Hesston 1008 Disk Mower, 10 ½', 3pt
2006 Claas Variant 280 Baler, 4x6 Bales,
     Net Wrap, 540 PTO, w/ Monitor and Manual
JD 1219 Haybine
JD 336 Sq Baler for Parts
Added 2-13-2019
Miller Pro 7914 Hay Merger
Hay Buster H-1000 Bale Processor
     w/ Belt Conveyor
Added 2-19-2019
Panorama 8 Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold

 Skid Steers,
      Construction Equipment,
           Attachments & Blades

2000 JD 250 Skid Steer, 3 cyl, Diesel,
     Foot Controls
Bobcat 825, Diesel, 2 Spd, w/ Bucket
Cat 12 Road Crager, 6 cyl Cat Diesel Eng
Takeuchi TB035 Mini Excavator, Steel Tracks,
     Hyd Thumb, 16" Bucket, 4093 Hrs
Gehl RS5-34 Telehandler, Pilot Controls,
     Good Tires, JD 4.5L Turbo Diesel, 4' Forks
New Easy Man 72" Smooth Bucket Skid Steer, QT
New 66" Smooth Skid Steer Bucket,
     HD Bolt on Cutting Edge
Easy Man Tree Puller, Little Use
JBC 1400B Backhoe w/ Rebuilt Cyl
New Bale Bee Bale Spike, 2 Prong Skid Steer, QT
Frontier 72" Grapple Bucket, JD 500 Series, QT
New Frontier 3 Prong Bale Spike, Global, QT
New MS 4' Pallet Forks, Skid Steer, QT
Jerkins 68" Grapple Bucket
Burco Backhoe Attachment Skid Steer, QT
Skid Steer MT Tree Saw, 24" Blade, Hyd Drive
Kelly Backhoe, 3pt, 18" Bucket
New IA L6 Pull Type Box Blade, Hyd Cyl, 6'
New IA 180 Blade, 8', Hyd Tilt and Angle, 3pt
New IA 190 Blade, 9', Hyd Tilt and Angle, 3pt
Ford 702C Front MT Blade, 78" w/ Brackets
5' Blade, 3pt, Oliver Green
7' Blade, 3pt
New Stout XHD84-6 Grapple Bucket
New Stout HD72-3 Open Grapple Bucket
New Stout 66-9 Grapple Bucket
New Stout Tree Puller
66" Rock Bucket w/ 4" Tine Spacing
75" Rock Bucket w/ 4" Tine Spacing
80" Rock Bucket w/ 4" Tine Spacing
84" Rock Bucket w/ 4" Tine Spacing
66" Skeleton Grapple with 4" Tine Spacing
74" Skeleton Grapple with 4" Tine Spacing
80" Skeleton Grapple with 4" Tine Spacing
84" Skeleton Grapple with 4" Tine Spacing
70" Root Grapple w/ 8" Tine Spacing
80" Root Grapple w/ 8" Tine Spacing
(2) Tree and Post Puller
(2) Set of 7' Pallet Fork Extensions
Added 2-13-2019
JD CT322 Skidsteer, 2531 Hrs, Foot Controls
2006 Bobcat 442 Excavator, 4200 Hrs, 18” Rubber,
     Tracks, w/ Buckets 1’, 2’, Weights 16,500lb


 Trucks & Trailers

1969 Chevy C60 Grain Truck, Gas Eng, 8 cyl,
     16'x5' Dump Bed, w/ Tarp
1999 Chevy 1500 Silverado, Ext Cab, 4x4,
     Short Bed, High Miles
1993 Chevy S10 Reg Cab, Short Bed,
     5 Spd Manuel, Rough
1999 Ford Ranger, Ext. Cab, 4x4, Auto, V6,
     Newer Eng and Trans
2019 Diamond K Dump Trailer, 19000 GVW,
     Walking Tandem Grain Gate
1999 Play Mor 6x14 Cargo Trailer, 2 Axles,
     No Braking Axles
2002 Chevy Tahoe LT, 296000 Miles,
     Good Tires, 4x4, Heated Seats, Used Daily
1987 L8000 Grain Truck, 7.8 Cummins, 18' Bed,
     Roll Tarp, Top Hinged End Gate
2003 Ford Excursion Limited, 196000 Miles,
     no Rust 4x4, Heated Leather


 Livestock Equipment

Rissler 4' Creep Feeder
Cattle Chute
Rissler 2 Ton Bulk Bin
Rissler Creep Feeder
New Diamond K Corral Panel, Set 20-10' Panels,
     (2) Bow Gates on Trailer
2019 Diamond K 24' Feeder Wagon, Double Axle
2017 Diamond K 24' Feeder Wagon
NH 352 Grinder Mixer


 Miscellaneous Items

Katolight 25KW Generator, Single Phase PTO
Katolight 75KW Generator, Three Phase PTO
Winco 50KW Generator, PTO, on Two Wheel Cart,
     Kept in Shed, Nice
Winco 20KW Generator, Single Phase, PTO,
     on Two Wheel Trailer
2015 JD758 Riding Mower, 392 Hrs,
     60" Drive Over Deck, Frt Fenders, MFWD, 3pt,
     PTO, One Owner
Badger Bedding Chopper, Like New Honda Eng
Priefert 5' Lirter Saver, 3pt
12" Logering Steel Tracks for Skid Steer
(8) 55 Gal Poly Barrels
(2) JD 18.4x34 Tires on Wheels
     w/ Cast Centers off JD 4230
JD Wagon w/ New 8'x16' Bed
Pair 14.9-28 Tires on Wheels
     w/ 8 Hole Centers off JD 5085
60 Gal Upright Air Compressor
(4) Rubber Belt Wheels off NH T1030 Tractor
(2) Sets of Trailer Ramps
2019 Diamond K Bale Spike, 3pt
GMC Industrial 5HP Air Compressor, Gas, 8 Gal
(4) JD Skid Steer Tires on 8 Hole Wheels, 12x16.1
Hyd Cyl for Tractor
Set of Steel Wheels off Kubota 4400
Pair 12"x49" Steel Wheels
Set Rubber Belt Skid Steer Wheels
Lot New 8 Hole and 6 Hole Trailer Tires and Wheels,
Buccateer 3pt Scoop, Cat
Misc Michelin and Good Year Tires on Wheels
Shaver 3pt Post Driver
(2) Receiver Hitch
(4) Universal QA Plate
Added 2-13-2019
Steel Tracks to fit JD 3300 Combine
Steel Wheels off JD 3300 Combine


 Livestock Equipment

Rissler 4' Creep Feeder
Cattle Chute
Rissler 2 Ton Bulk Bin
Rissler Creep Feeder
New Diamond K Corral Panel, Set 20-10' Panels,
     (2) Bow Gates on Trailer
2019 Diamond K 24' Feeder Wagon, Double Axle
2017 24' Diamond K Feeder Wagon
NH 352 Grinder Mixer


Consignments from
Akinsville Concrete

2007 Chevy 1 Ton Dually, 274000 Miles,
     w/ Zimmerman Flat Bed, Bale Spikes
2007 GMC 1 Ton Dually, 183000 Miles,
     Zimmerman Flat Bed
     w/ Tool Boxes and Fuel Tank
2016 Kubota KX-057 Mini Excavator,
     950 hrs, w/ Buckets, 12", 18", 24"
Allen HD 530 Hydra Drive Ride on Power Trowel
     Kubota Diesel
Whiteman 4" Powertrowel
24" Screed Board
Honda Viber Strike 12' Board
Honda Wall Vibrator
(2) Stihl Cut Off Saws
(2) RB-398 Max Rebar Tiers
8HP Mini Concrete Saw, 14" Blade
Husquvarna Soft Cut Concrete Saw
Bull Float, 6 Handles
(9) Boxes ½" Anchor Bolts
(5) 5 Gal Buckets Empro Polymer
     Modified Asphalt
(6) Concrete Blankets

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