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Sydenstricker John Deere, Huge Year-End Inventory Reduction Auction, Saturday, December 15, 2018, 10:00 AM, Tractors, Combines, Heads & Platforms, Planters & Drills, Sprayers, Cutters, Hay Equipment, Construction Equipment, Material & Grain Handling Equipment, Garden Tractors & Mowers, UTVs
  Auctioneer's Note  
Ladies and gentlemen, what a huge offering of late model, multi-brand units to be offered at public auction on Saturday, Dec. 15 at Sydenstricker' Palmyra location.  Now with 13 locations Sydenstrickers are acquiring more used inventory than ever before.  Therefore, in an effort to close out this equipment in 2018, we are holding a huge inventory reduction auction.  Don't miss out!.
 Auction Location  Refer to Map Below
7025 State Hwy F (Junction Hwy 24 & 61), Palmyra, MO  63461
Online Bidding Available on Bidding, Catalog & Registration Here
JD Financing available.
  Call Sydenstricker's Palmyra, MO, location at (573) 769-2112.
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2017 JD 6175R
Tractor, 383 Hrs, MFWD,
     24/24 ECO Direct Drive, Premium Cab
     w/Command Arm, 4 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     480/80R46 FS Rear Tires, Rear Duals,
     420/90R30 FS Front Tires, Front Weight
     Support, Warranty til 9-13-19 or 2000 Hours,
     SN 1RW6175RTHT028367
2017 JD 6145M Tractor, 611 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad 24F/24R, Left Hand Power
     Reverser, standard cab, mirrors, panorama
     front windshield, business radio package,
     114 L/MIN hydraulic pump, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 86 MM Rear Axle, Adjustable
     Cast Wheels, 460/85R38 Michelin Rear tires,
     380/85R28 Michelin Front Tires, Tool Box,
     Front Fenders, Cold Start Package, Auto
     Diff-Lock, Beacon Light, New Warranty til
     3-15-2019 or 2000 Hrs,
     SN 1L06145MPGG869965
2017 JD 6130R Tractor, 345 Hrs, MFWD,
     AutoQuad ECOSHIFT 24/24, Standard Cab
     w/RH Console, Mirrors, Panorama Windshield,
     Standard Radio Package, 114l/min Hydraulic
    Pump, 3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO, Telescoping
     Draft Links, Sway Control Blocks, 79 MM Rear
     Axle, 460/85R38 Michelin Rear Tires,
     340/85R28 Michelin Front Tires, Front Fenders,
     2 FN Loader Ready New Warranty til 3-15-19
     or 2000 Hrs, SN 1L06130REGK869048
2016 JD 6175R Tractor, 487 Hrs, Premium Cab,
     Command Arm, MFWD, 4 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, Cat 3 with Telescoping Links,
     480/80R46 FS Rear Tires, Duals, 420/90R30
     FS Front Tires, H360 Loader, 96" Bucket,
     Powertrain PowerGard til 8-9-20 or 2000 Hours,
     SN 1RW6175RAGT025511
2016 JD 6175M Tractor, 336 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad Plus 20/20, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, adjustable Cast Wheels,
     460/85R42 rear tires, 420/85R28 640R Loader,
     Powertrain PowerGard til 3-22-22 or 2000 hours,
     SN 1L06175MAGG865486
2016 JD 6155R Tractor, 496 Hrs, MFWD,
     Premium Cab, 20F/20R AutoQuad, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 480/80R42 Firestone
     Rear Tires, 380/85R30, 640R Loader,
     Powertrain PowerGard til 10-27-2020
     or 2000 Hours, SN 1RW6155RCGA025434
2016 JD 6155R Tractor, 173 Hrs, 20/20 AutoQuad,
     MFWD, Standard Cab, 3 SCVS, 540/1000
     PTO480/80R42 Firestone Rear Tires,
     420/85R28, New Warranty til 7-20-2019
     or 2000 Hours, SN 1RW6155RKGA025700
2016 JD 6155M Tractor, 859 Hrs, MFWD,
     PQ 20/20 LHR Trans, Greenstar Ready,
     3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO, 480/80R42 Michelin
     Rear Tires, 420/85R28 Michelin Front Tires,
     Front Fenders, 2 FN Loader Ready,
     Front Weight Bracket, 640R Loader,
     Powertrain Powergard til 10-27-2020
     or 2000 Hrs, SN 1L06155MTGK862998
2016 JD 6145M Tractor, 308 Hrs, MFWD,
     24/24 Trans, Greenstar Ready, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 460/85R42 Rear Tires,
     420/85R28 Front Tires, Front Fenders,
     Cold Start Package, Warranty til 7-20-2019
     or 2000 HRs, SN 1L06145MEGG866902
2016 JD 6130M Tractor, 259 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad Plus 24/24, Standard Cab,
     3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO, 480/70R38 Rear Tires,
     420/70R24 Front Tires, Front Fenders,
     Rear Hitch Remote, 620R Loader, 85" Bucket,
     New Warranty til 7-20-2019 or 2000 Hrs,
     SN 1L06130MHGG851249
2015 JD 8345RT Track Tractor, 1122 Hrs,
     9.0 L Engine, 25" Tracks, Autotrac Ready,
     Auto Powr IVT Trans, Premium CammandView
     Cab, 5 Rear SCV's, Premium Lighting,
     Powertrain PowerGard til 2-25-2019
     or 2000 Hrs, SN 1RW8345RLFD914160
2015 JD 6145R Tractor, 771 Hrs, MFWD,
     Premium Cab, Green Star Ready, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, Cat 3/3N 3 pt. Hitch,
     480/80R42 Rear Tires, 420/85R30 Front Tires,
     Deluxe Lighting Pkg., Dual Beam Radar
     Sensor, 640R Loader,
     SN 1RW6145RCFA022243
2015 JD 5065E Tractor, 100 Hrs, MFWD, 
    12f/12r Power Reverser Transmission,
     540 PTO, Open Station, Dual Mid Valves
     With Joystick, Fixed Draft Links, 16.9-28 R1
     Rear Tires, 9.5-24 R1 Front Tires,
     SN 1PY5065ELFY110164
2014 JD 6170M Tractor, 1013 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad Plus 16/16, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 420/80R46 Rear Tires
     Firestone, 420/85R28 Front Tires
     Firestone, Front Weight Bracket,
     SN 1L06170MHEH794727
2014 CASE IH 160 Tractor, 1080 Hrs, CAH,
     MFWD, 16 Spd. PS Trans., 540/1000 PTO,
     18.4Rx42 R1 Radials, 18.4Rx42 R1 Radial
     Duals, 3 Pt. Hitch, 3 Rear Remotes,
     160 Engine Hp., SN ZEBP03342
2013 JD 8360RT Track Tractor, 1827 Hrs,
     30" Tracks, Command View II Cab, 5 SCV's,
     Cat 4 3 Pt hitch, Powertrain PowerGard til
     7-15-2019 or 3000 Hrs,
     SN 1RW8360RTDD909644
2013 CHALLENGER MT565D Tractor, 950 Hrs,
     MFWD, Suspended Front Axle, Air Seat,
     Techstar Cvt, 18.4-42 Rear Tires, Duals,
     380/85r30 Front Tires, Front Fenders, 4 SCV's,
     Small 1000 PTO, MSL Loader,
     SN AGCC0565VDN951013,
     New Injection Pump
2013 CASE IH 450 Quad Track, 1200 Hrs,
     4 SCV, PTO, Luxury Cab, HID Lights,
     1000 PTO, SN ZDF135420, good tracks
2012 JD 9460RT Track Tractor, 1921 Hrs,
     Power Shift, JD Link Ultimate,
     Premium Radio, Standard Hyd System,
     4 SCV, Bareback, SN 1RW9460RTBP901024
2012 CASE IH MX125 Tractor, 1667 Hrs,
     Rear Tires- 460/85R38 goodyear,
     fronts 380/85R28 Goodyear, 2 SCVs,
     Quick Hitch, Joystick, Buddy Seat,
     16spd Trans, L765 Loader, SN ZCBE09137
2011 NEW HOLLAND Workmaster 75 Tractor,
     800 Hrs, OS, MFWD, 16.9-30 Titans 70%,
     11.2-24 Titans 40%, Diff. lock, Roll Bar with
     Westendorf Canopy, 3 pt. hitch, 540 PTO.,
     Single SCV., 8 Spd Tran., SN 1147979
2011 JD 8360R Tractor, 5473 Hrs, MFWD, ILS,
     IVT Trans, Premium Radio, 4 SCV's,
     480/80r50 Rear Tires, Duals, 380/80r50
     Front Tires, Front Duals, Front Weight Bracket,
     SN 1RW8360RCBD042628
2010 JD 8295RT 2778 Track Tractor, Deluxe
     Command View II Cab, Power Shift,
     Deluxe Lighting, Premium Radio, 4 SCVs,
     1000 Rpm 1-3/4" PTO, Cat 3 Hitch/Drawbar,
     60 Gpm Hydraulic Pump, 30" Camoplast 3500
     Tracks, SN RW8295R901064
2008 JD 7830 Tractor, 3995 Hrs, MFWD,
     16 Spd PQ, Cammandview Cab,
     Guidance Ready, Std Comfort Package,
     4 SCV, 1000 PTO, 45 GPM Hydraulic Pump,
     100mm Rear Axle, 480/80R46 FS Rear Tires,
     480/80R46 Rear Duals, 420/90R30 FS Front
     Tires, Front Fenders, Extremity Lights, Radio,
     Instructional Seat, SN RW7830R011523
2008 JD 7630 Tractor, 2588 Hrs, 2wd,
     Commandview Cab, 16 Sp Pq, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 110.5" Rear Axle,
     Cast Wheels, 380/90r50 Tires, Duals,
     Adjustable Front Axle, 11.00-24 Front Tires,
     Extremity Lights, Front Weight Support,
     SN RW7630R010747
2008 JD 7430 Tractor, 7650 Hrs, Premium, CAH,
     Air Ride Seat, MFWD, IVT Transmission,
     4 - E-ICV Rear Remotes, Cat 3 Telescoping
     Draft Links, Loader Prep Package
     w/ Electronic Mid SCV, 420/85R28 Frt. Tires,
     480/80R42 Rear Tires, Duals, Front Fenders,
     SN RW7430P005538, No Top Link
2007 JD 8430 Tractor, 3915 Hrs, 1300 MFWD,
     Deluxe Cab, Active Seat, Autotrac Plug
     And Play Ready, PS, 4 SCV's, 1000 PTO,
     /80r46 Fs Rear Tires, Fs Duals, 420/90r30 Fs
     Front Tires, Front Fenders,
     Front Weight Support, SN RW8430P017191
2005 JD 9620T Track Tractor, 5640 Hrs, Cab,
     Std Comfort Package, Autotrac Ready,
     HD Drawbar Support, 36" Tracks, 5 SCV's,
     SN RW9620T905102
2005 JD 8420 Tractor, 5951 Hrs, MFWD, ILS,
     Greenstar/Autotrac Ready, 4 SCV's,
     1000 PTO, 120mm Rear Axle, 520/85R46 GY,
     Duals, 420/85R34 FS Fronts, Front Weight
     Bracket, Front Fenders, SN RW8420P032433
2004 JD 8420 Tractor, 8450 Hrs, MFWD,
     1000 PTO, 520/85r46 Bkt Rear Tires,
     Bkt Duals, 420/85r34 Bkt Front Tires,
     3 SCV's, Front Fenders, Instructional Seat,
     Front Weight Support, SN RW8420P023116
1996 NEW HOLLAND 7740S Tractor, 5427 Hrs,
     2WD, 540 PTO, Koyker K5 Loader,
     SN 3969373C26
1996 JD 8870 4WD Tractor, 4184 Hrs,
     24/6 Manual Trans, Diff Lock, 4 SCV's,
     710/70-R38 Front Tires, BKT, Rear Tires
     710/70-R38 Titans, 3pt, NO PTO,
     SN RW8870H005645
1995 JD 8300 Tractor, 5829 Hrs, Cab, MFWD,
     1000 PTO, 4 SCV'S, 30gpm Hydraulic Pump,
     Firestone 20.8r42 Rear Tires, Firestone Duals,
     Firestone 16.9r30 Front Tires, Front Fenders,
     Front Weight Bracket, SN RW8300P003726
1976 AC 185 8402 Tractor, 6500 Hrs,
     New 18.4-30 Rear Tires, 9.5l-15 Three Bar
     Front Tires, 2 Rear SCV's, 540 PTO,
     AC 500 Loader
1967 CASE IH 2444 Low Boy Utility Tractor, 2wd,
     Syncro, Wide Turf Tires, IH 2050 Loader
1958 FORD 641 Utility Tractor, 2wd, 540 PTO,
     SN 45381
1954 AC WD-45 Utility Tractor, 2wd, 540 PTO,
     Aftermarket 3 Pt, SN 179230
1953 AC WD WD145765, Gas Utility Tractor,
     Narrow Front, 4-Cyl, 4 Spd, 14.9-26 R1 Tires,
     5.50-15, SNap Hitch, Drawbar, Twin-Draulic
     Loader With Trip Bucket ( Manure Tines)
Added 12-10-2018
1998 JD 7405 Tractor, MFWD, 16/16 Transmission,
     Open Station, 540/1000 PTO,
     Goodyear 18.4x38 Rear Tires,
     14.9x28 Front Tires, 2 SCV's, 3962 Hrs
     SN P07405X001538
2003 JD 9420T Track Tractor, 36" Tracks,
     78 GPM Hydraulic Pump, 5 SCV'S, 1000 PTO,
     18/6 Powershift Trans, 4775 Hrs,
     SN RW9420T902075
1962 JD 3010 Utility Tractor, 2WD, 540/1000 PTO,
     SN RW3010T014610
  Combines, Heads & Platforms
        (Hours Represented are Engine Hours)
2015 JD S670 Combine, 1239 Hrs. RWA, Hydro,
     Pro-Drive, CM, Yield Monitor, Chaff Spreader,
     Greenstar Ready, Autotrac Ready, JD Link,
     Premium Cab, General Purpose Wear Pkg,
     7.9 Unloading Auger, Premium Radio Package,
     SN 1H0S670SPF0776229
2014 JD S670 Combine, 1560 Hrs, Prwd,
     Premium Cab, CM, Hid Lights, 3 Spd
     Transmission, Tristream Extended Wear Rotor,
     6.9m Unloading Auger,
     SN 1H0S670SVE0767177
2014 JD S670 Combine, 1481 Hrs, PRWD,
     Premium Cab, Air Seat, 6.9M Unloading Auger,
     SN 1H0S670SJE0767130
2013 JD S680 Combine, 1363 Hrs, PRWD,
     Premium Cab, Premium Radio, Hid Lights,
     Autotrac Ready, Pro Drive Transmission,
     Adj Chaffer, Tristream Rotor W/ Extended
     Wear, 6.9m Unloading Auger, Powerfold Grain
     Tank Extension, SN 1H0S680SPD0757165
2012 JD S680 Combine, 1789 Hrs, Pro-Drive, CM,
     Yield Monitor, Yield Mapping, PRWD,
     Long Unloading Auger, Chaff Spreader,
     Grain Tank Extension,
     SN 1H0S680STC0747247
2012 JD S660 Combine, 2056 Hrs, Premium Cab,
     Autotrac Ready, 3 Spd, CM, Electrical Shift
     Transmission, 4wd, 6.9m Unloading Auger,
     Manual Adjust Tailboard,
     SN 1H0S660SPC0746248
2002 JD 9650 Combine, 4641 Hrs, PRWD,
     Chopper, Lateral Tilt Feederhouse, Fore/Aft
     Control, Auto Header Height, Deluxe Header
     Control, 20' Unloading Auger,
     SN H09650S696924
2001 JD 9650 Combine, 5699 Hrs, PRWD, CM,
     GreenStar Ready, 20' Unloading Auger,
     Chopper, Chaff Spreader, 600 SERIES
     HOOK UPS, SN H09650S692223
2000 CASE IH 2388 Axial Flow Combine,
     3464/2333 Hrs, CAH, Buddy Seat, 3 Spd
     Hydrostat, 20.8x42 Duals, 18.4-26 Rear Tires,
     Adjustable 4WD, SN JJC0268517
JD 893 Corn Head, 8 Row, 30" Spacing,
     Hydraulic Adjust Deck Plates, CM,
     SN H00893X675588
JD 643 Corn Head, 6 Row, High Tin,
     Contour Shafts
2017 JD 640FD Flex Draper, 40',
     SN 1H0640FDVH0795749
2016 JD 635F Flex Platform, CM, Flex Platform,
     SN 1H00635FHF0785017
2015 JD 635F Flexible Platform,
     SN 1H00635FLF0775229
2013 JD 640FD 40' Flex Draper,
     SN 1H0640FDCD0756497
2013 JD 635FD Flex Draper Head,
     Long Crop Dividers, CM,
     SN 1H0635FDJD0756456
2013 JD 635F Flex Platform, 35ft, CM,
     Single Pt Hook Up, SN 1H00635FVD0756013
2013 JD 612C Corn head, 12 Row, 30 Inch,
     Stalkmaster Chopping Head, Opposed Knife
     Stalk Rolls, Knife Rolls,
     SN 1H00612CCCC755132
2012 JD 635F Flexible Platform,
     SN 1H00635FKC0746513
2011 MACDON FD70 40 ft Draper, JD Frame,
     SN 192715
2011 JD 635F Hydra-Flex Platform, CM,
     Low stone Dam, SN 1H00635FPB0742572
2011 JD 630F Flex Platform, CM,
     SN 1H00630FVB0741466
2011 CASE IH 3020-30F, 30' Flex Platform,
     Full Fingered Auger, Comes Off 8120,
     Lateral Tilt Control, Poly Skid Plates,
     Crary Air Reel, SN YBZL57303
2010 JD 635F Platform, Single Point Hook Up,
     SN 1H00635FLA0736956
2010 JD 630F Hydra-Flex Platform,
     Low Stone Dam, Composite Full Finger Auger,
     Single Point Hookup, Header Height Sensing,
     CM Back Shafts, SN 1H00630FHA0736500
2009 JD 635F Flex Platform, CM, Flex Platform,
     SN H00635F731503
2009 JD 608 Corn Head, Row Sensors,
     SN H0608CX731629
2008 JD 630F Flex Platform, CM,
     Single Point Hookup, SN H00630F725990
2008 JD 612C Corn Head, SN H0612CX725634
2007 JD 630F Flex Platform, 30', Low Stone Dam,
     SN H00630F720772
2007 JD 625F Flexible Platform, Auger,
     Low Stone Dam, SN H00625F720708
Added 12-10-2018
1998 CASE IH 1083 Corn Head, 8 Row 30",
     Field Tracker Header Height Sensors,
     Manual Adjust Deck Plates, Poly Snouts,
     Tall Corn Shields, Multipoint Hook Up,
     SN JJC0240740#
  Planters & Drills
2015 KINZE 3600 Planter, 15/31,
     Central Fill Hopper, Row Command,
     Kpmiii Monitor, Greenstar Rate Controller
     With Agleader Electric Clutches,
     No Till Coulters, New Disc Openers, Markers
2015 JD 1990 CCS Air Seeder, 36', 7.5" Spacing,
     Dual Rank w/ single lock up, Extended Wear
     Seed Boots, 17" Openers, NO Display,
     Scale-Tec Scales with display on rear,
     SN 1A81990DKEF760277
2014 JD 1790 Planter, 15/32, Central Fill,
     16" Notched Disk And Lift, Variable Drive,
     SN 1A01790CCDA755345
2013 KINZE 3600 15/32 Planter, 31 Row,
     15" Row Spacing, No Monitor, Precision Finger
     Pick Up, Markers, Scales, Row Clutches,
     Yetter Row Cleaners On Corn Rows Only,
     Openers 14.5", Dual Down Pressure Springs,
     SN 626372
2012 JD 1790 CCS Planter, NT, 24 Row 20",
     Seedstar Variable Rate Drive, 2 Point Hitch,
     Row Command Clutches,
     SN 1A01790DECE745199
2010 JD 1790 Planter, CCS, 16/31,
     Independent Markers, Pro-shaft Drive
     W/ Tru-Count Air Clutches Precision Planting
     20/20 Monitoring System, Vacuum Sensor,
     Precision Planting E-Set Corn Disk,
     JD Soybean Disk, SN A01790C735418
2009 JD 1770NT Planter, 16/30, CCS, VRD,
     Seedstar Less Display, Accu Count Sensors,
     No Till, Prom Ax 40 Corn Disk,
     SN A01770P730493
2004 JD 1770 Planter, 12RN, Vacuum Metering,
     1.5 Bu Boxes, Indep Markers, Yetter Combo
     Row Cleaners/No till Coulters, HD Down
     Pressure Springs, Liquid Fert w/ 2- 225 Gal
     Tanks, SN A01770F705212



Commander Sprayer,
     60' Booms, Pull Type, SN 7621
GREAT PLAINS AS1000 Pull Type Sprayer,
     1000 Gallon, PTO Pump, 60' Hyd Fold Booms,
     Agitator, Foam Markers, Rinse Tank,
     Raven 440 Controller, SN 2994
2016 JD R4030 Sprayer, 659 Hrs,
     CommandView Cab, Instructor Seat,
     90' Boom, Auto Boom Level, 600 Gallon SS
     Tank, 380/90r46 Firestone Tires,
     Less Eductor, Powertrain Warranty til
     10-3-2021 or 2159 hours,
     SN 1N04030RCF0011128
2016 JD R4023 Self Propelled Sprayer, 1088 Hrs,
     80' Booms, Section Boom Control,
     380/80R38 Tires, 600 Gal Poly Tank,
     70 Gal Rinse Tank, All Wheel Drive,
     2" Quick Fill, Powertrain PowerGard til
     4-1-2020 or 2500 hours,
     SN 1N04023RHF0001159
2012 ROGATOR RG1100 2525, Dry Box Bed
     380/90r46 Spray Bibs, 650/65r38 Mitas
     Floatation Tires, Viper Pro, Elec Tarp,
     SN AGCA1100ACNSN1280
2011 HARDI NP1100 Big Wheel Trailer Sprayer
     12.4-42 Tires, Adjustable Axles,
     1100 Gallon Capacity Tank, HC2500
     Controller, 60 Ft. Eagle HY SPB Boom,
     20 In. Spacing, Dual Fold Wings,
     Chem Inductor, Flush Tank, Quick Fill,
     SN 11-0362
2011 HAGIE STS12 Self Propelled Sprayer,
     1992 Hrs, 100 Ft Boom Width,
     Self-Leveling, Stainless Tank
  Tillage Equipment
2017 JD 2623VT, 40' 8, Rolling Basket Harrow,
     SN 1N02623VLH0770040
2016 LANDPRIDE 60" Rotary Tiller, SN 879359
2015 JD 2623VT, 40'8" Vertical Tillage,
     22" Blades, Cat Iv Hitch Link, Rolling Basket
     Harrow, SN 1N02623VCE0760155
2015 CASE IH 335VT, 32', 20" blades, 7.5"
     Spacing, Fluted Blades, Single Rolling
     Basket Flat Bar, Hydraulic Lift On Rolling
     Baskets, SN YF0081495
2013 JD 2620 Disk, 29' 3", 22" Blades,
     8" Spacing, SN 1N02620XHD0750260,
     No Harrow
2012 BLU-JET 7S30 Sub-Tiller 7S30 4 Ripper,
     3 Pt. Mount Cat. III, 7 Shank Auto-Reset
2011 JD 637 Disk, 29 Ft 3 Inch, 9 Inch Spacing,
     Single Point Depth Control, 21 Inch Front
     Blades, 21 Inch Rear Blades, No Rear 
    Harrow, SN 1N00637XAA0740436
2006 UNVERFERTH 220 Double Rolling Basket,
     Single Tine Harrow, Adjustable Hitch
2006 JD 637 Disk, 32 ft, 9" Spacing, 22" Blades,
     SN N00637X008302
2006 JD 637 Disk, 25', Hyd., 22" Blades
     On Rear, 20 1/2" On Front, No Harrow,
     SN N00637X008242
STEIGER 2209 Mulch Tiller, 13', Rigid Frame,
     9" Spacing, SN 220900646
BUSH HOG 3008 Semi-Mount Rotary Cutter, 8',
     Chains Front And Rear, 540 PTO
WOODS BW180 Rotary Cutter, 15', Pull Type,
     540 PTO
2013 JD HX15 Rotary Cutter, 15 ft., 1000 PTO
WOODS RDC54 Finish Mower, 54" 3 blade,
     540 PTO, Rear Chains
BUSH HOG SQ720 Rotary Cutter, 6 Ft. Cut, 3 Pt.
1998 MISC TC94 7' Rotary Cutter, Mounted
2014 BUSH HOG 12820 Rotary Cutter, 20',
     1000 Small PTO, Front And Rear Chains,
     8 Foam Filled Tires, Walking Center Axle,
     Deck Rings
2005 JD CX20 Rotary Cutter, 20', Wing Fold,
     1000 PTO, Laminated Tires, Front And Rear
     Safety Chains
2010 JD HX15 Rotary Cutter, 15', 1000 PTO,
     8 Laminated Tires, Front And Rear Safety
BUSH HOG 12815 15' Rotary Cutter,
     Wing Fold, Rear Safety Chains,
     8 Laminated Tires, 1000 pto
2002 BUSH HOG 2615L Rotary Cutter, 15', 540,
     6 Laminated Wheels, Stump Jumpers,
     Front Safety Chain Shields
BUSH HOG 2615R 15' Rotary Cutter, 1000 PTO,
     Single Wheels On Wings, Laminated Tire
  Hay Equipment
#015 MCHALE V660 Round Baler, 2400 Bale
     Count, 4'X5.5' Bale, 540 PTO, Bale Ramp,
     Net Wrap
2015 JD 569 Round Baler, 18000 Bales
     1000RPM PTO, MegaWide, Push Bar,
     Netwrap and Twine, High Moisture Kit,
2015 CASE IH RB565 Round Baler, 1740 Bales,
     Surface Wrap Only
2015 CASE IH RB465 Round Baler, Twine And
     Surface Wrap, 540 PTO, Bale Ramp,
     6115 bales
2010 JD 568 Baler, 18500 Bales, Mega Wide,
     Bale Puch Bar, High Moisture Kit
2008 JD 568 Baler, 14626 Bales, Megawide,
     Twine And Surface Wrap, 540 PTO,
     Bale Push Bar, High Moisture Kit
2008 NEW HOLLAND BR7060 Baler,
     5000 Bales, Twine Only
2006 JD 557 Baler, 14000 Bales, Mega Wide,
     Twine Only, 540 PTO, 5' Width,
     Mega WidePlus Pickup, Bale Push Bar
2000 VERMEER 605L Baler, 13500 Baes,
     540 PTO, Twine Only 2008
1991 JD 672 Rake, Ground Drive, Dolly Wheel
1985 JD 530 Baler, Regular Pickup, Twine Only,
     540 PTO
  Construction Equipment
2015 TEREX TC29 Excavator, 265 Hrs, OS,
     Standard Boom, 12" Rubber Tracks,
     18" Bucket. Operating Weight 6,480 Pounds,
     Max Digging Depth 9'1", 28 HP,
     Straight Blade, Aux. Hydraulics On Boom,
     SN TC00291204
2015 JD 35G Compact Excavator, 255 Hrs,
     CAH, Standard Arm, Suspension Seat,
     300mm Rubber Tracks,
     SN 1FF035GXAFK273172, Sydenstricker Demo
2015 JD 323E Compact Track Loader, 1356 Hrs,
     CAH, Foot Controls, 2 Spd, Wide Rubber
     Tracks, 76" Construction Bucket,
     SN 1T0323EBVFJ275909
2014 JD 333E Track Loader, 983 Hrs, CAH,
     Std. Flow W/Self Level, EH Control
     W/Performance Pkg., Air Seat, 2 Spd,
     18" Tracks, Hyd. Quick tach, 84" Tooth
     Bucket, SN 1T0333EKLEE272077
2013 Leon A1000 PULL TYPE Scraper,
     New Cutting Edges In The Spring Of 2017,
     Tongue Scraper, No Dolly Wheels,
     SN 10461311SH
2013 JD 333E Track Loader, 980 Hrs, Diesel,
     Deluxe Cab Package, Hi Flow, 2 Spd,
     18" Tracks, 84" Tooth Bucket,
     SN 1T0333EKADE250996
2013 JD 333E Track Loader, 1843 Hrs, CAH,
     EH Controls, Cloth Seat, Wide Tracks,
     2 Spd Trans, SN 1T0333EKPDE240803
2013 JD 332E Skid Steer Loader, 741 Hrs,
     Switchable EH Controls, Two Spd, 14x17.5
     Treaded GPX Brawler Tires, Steel Tracks,
     Power Quick Tach, CAH, Air Seat, 84" HD
     Const BKT, SN 1T0332EKHDE243088
2013 CASE SR220 Skid Steer, 82hp, 670 Hrs,
     CAH, 2 Spd, Mechanical Controls,
     Ride Control, Susp. Seat, Hyd Quick Tatch,
     76c Bucket With Edge,
     SN JAFSR220CDM461660
2012 ASHLAND I950 Scraper, 9.5 Yds,
     Injection, Dolly, SN 23003
2011 TEREX PT80 Compact Track Loader,
     2971 Hrs, Cab W/O Ac, Eh Controls, 2 Spd,
     Aux Hydraulics, Rubber Tracks, 72" Bucket,
     SN ASVPT0JDWS01692
2011 JD 328D Skid Steer, 1460 Hrs, CAH,
     Hand Controls, Air Seat, 2 Spd, Foam Filled
     Tires, 78" Bucket, Power Quick Tach,
     Steel Tracks, SN 1T0328DKHA0194331
2011 JD 326D Skid Steer, Power Quick Tach-Eh
     Joystick Controls, 2 Spd, 12x16.5 Gpx Tires,
     CAH, 76" Bucket, Remanufactured Engine
     has appro. 500 hours, Tach has been
     replaced and shows 2932 hours, Machine
     has approx. 5700 hours,
     SN 1T0326DKCB0195312
2008 CASE 450 Skid Steer, 1950 Hrs, Rops,
     Open Station, Hand Controls, 2 Spd,
     Aux Hydraulics, 84" Construction Bucket,
     SN N8M484134, RH side loses power when hot
2007 JD CT332 Track Loader, 1500 Hrs,
     Rubber Track Grp, Hands Only Controls,
     Electric Quick Tach, Operator Convenience
     Package, 84" Hd Const Bkt W/ Edge,
     SN T0332TB144419
2004 BOBCAT 430 Excavator, 2900 Hrs, Fast
     Track, OROPS, Straight Blade
     with 24" Bucket, Operating Weight 8025 lbs,
     10' Digging depth, SN 562711874
2000 ICON CEM17B Scraper, 17 Yard Ejector
     Scraper, The back scraper of a pair,
     Icon Hitch. 20.5-25 Rubber, SN 52002
2000 ICON CEM17B 17 Yard Ejector Scraper,
     Icon Hitch, Front Pan of two identical pans,
     20.5-25 Rubber Tires, SN 52027
2000 BOBCAT 863 Skidsteer Loader, 3108 Hrs,
     Hand/Foot Controls, 12-16.5 Foam Filled
     Tires, SN 514428457
1990 JD 555G Crawler Loader, 6000 Hrs,
     82'' Wide Bucket W/ Teeth, High Lift,
     Tracks Measure 16'' Wide, 8' Footprint,
     ROPS, Hr Meter Has Been Replaced,
     SN T0555GA768496
LANDPRIDE TB25108 9ft Skid Steer
     Snow Blade, SN 772701
BUSH HOG 760H Back Hoe Attachment
     for Compact Utility Tractor,
     Runs On Tractor PTO, 3 Point Cat 1,
     SN 12-0012
  Material & Grain Handling
KILLBROS 390 Gravity Wagon, 2-200 bu.
     Compartments, Roll Over Tarp,
     Killbros 114 14'x6" Brush Auger,
     Killbros Running Gear, 4-11.00Rx22.5 Tires,
     SN D20170164
JD 450 Manure Spreader, 540 PTO,
     Hydraulic Push Spreader
GEHL MS315 Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle,
     Side Discharge, Center Auger
WESTFIELD SC1335 Conveyor, SN 208790
     Hydraulic Power Swing, 71',
     Low Profile Swing Hopper, SN 220219
WESTFIELD 100X91 Auger, Hydraulic Swing,
     SN 233409
Harvest International H1082 5326 Auger, 10x82,
     Low Profile Swing Hopper, 540 PTO, SN 5326
2009 WESTFIELD MK130-71 Auger, 13" x 71',
     Low Profile Hopper, SN 210483
2009 WESTFIELD MK100-81 Auger,
     Hyd Swing Hopper, SN 205526
BUSH HOG VPLOW 5 Shank V-Ripper,
     30" Spacing, Cat 2-3 Hitch
BRANDT 85 Conveyer, 85', Swing Hopper,
     SN 7869705
Added 12-10-2018
2014 GBL10 Grain Bag Loader, 10 Ft Bags,
     SN 52-1063
  Garden Tractors & Mowers
2016 KUBOTA BX2670 Compact Tractor, 95 Hrs,
     Diesel, R4 Tires, Hydro, Joystick, 540 PTO,
     3 PT., 4WD, LA243 Loader, 60" Mower Deck
2016 JD 2032R Compact Tractor, 75 Hrs, Hydro,
     MFWD, 2 Function Joystick, 14-17.50 R4,
     23x8.50-12 R4, Extended Powertrain
     Warranty until April 28, 2022 or 2000 hours,
     H130 Loader, 62" Mower Deck
2016 JD 1023E Compact Utility Tractor, 120 Hrs,
     MFWD, Hydro, R3 Tires, H120 Loader,
     60" Mower Deck, warranty til 6-18-2019
     or 2000 Hrs

2015 JD 2032R Compact Utilty Tractor, 207 Hrs,
     Hydro, MFWD, R4 Tires, H130 Loader
2014 JD 1025R Compact Utility Tractor, 75 Hrs,
     MFWD, Hydro, R4 Tires, Quick Hitch,
     D120 Loader, SN 1LV1025RCEH224235
2014 JD 1025R Compact Utility Tractor, 157 Hrs,
     MFWD, Hydro, 26x12-12 Rear R4 Tires,
     18x8.5 R4 Front Tires, 60" Mower Deck
2013 KUBOTA BX2670 Compact Tractor, 25 Hrs,
     25 HP Diesel, 4wd, PS, Hydrostatic
     Transmission, R4 Industrial Tires,
     60" Mower Deck
2009 JD X540 L&G Tractor With 54in. Deck,
     461 Hrs, PS, Power Lift, SN M0X540A042139
2006 JD X540 Garden Tractor, 635 Hrs, Gas,
     Hydro, 54" Deck
2006 JD 2305 Compact Tractor, 1037 Hrs,
     24HP 3 Cylinder Diesel, Hydrostat
     Transmission With High-Low Range, PS,
     Cat 1 Limited 3 Point Hitch,
     62" Mid Mount Mower Deck
1987 CASE IH 235 Compact Utility Tractor,
     1615 Hrs, 18hp Mitsubishi 3 cyl diesel,
     2 Range Hydro Transmission, 540 Rear PTO,
2016 HUSTLER RAPTORSD 24 Zero Turn
     Mower, 142 Hrs, 54in Deck, 23hp Kawasaki,
     Turf Tires
2015 WOODS FZ28K Zero Turn Mower,
     299 Hrs, 61" Powerfold Deck, 28hp,
     Suspension Seat, Wide Stance Rear Axle
2015 KUBOTA ZG327 Zero Turn Mower,
     420 Hrs, 60" Deck, Gas, 2wd, Turf Tires
2015 JD Z970R Zero Turn Mower, 498 Hrs, Gas,
     72in cut, 35 HP, Flat Free Fronts,
     Suspension Seat
2015 JD Z930M Commercial Duty Zero Turn
     Mower, 391 Hrs, 25HP Kawasaki Twin
     Cylinder 60 Inch Cut 7Iron Mower Deck,
     AT101 Traction Drive Tires
2015 JD X750 Diesel Mower, 492 Hrs, 24hp,
     Yanmar Diesel, Water Cooled, Hydro Power
     Steer, Diff Lock, Hyd Lift W/60hc Drive Over,
     Auto Connect Deck, 60" Mower Deck,
     warranty til 5-27-2020 or 700 Hrs
2015 JD X750 Diesel Mower, 236 Hrs, 24hp,
     Yanmar Diesel, Hydro Power Steer,
     Diff Lock, Hyd Lift W/60hc Drive Over,
     Manual Connect Deck,  
     warranty til 5-27-2020 or 700 Hrs
2015 CUB CADET ZFLZ48 Zero Turn Mower,
     152 Hrs, 48" Deck, 24hp Engine, Gas,
     Turf Tires
2015 ARIENS 46 Lawn Mower, 129 Hrs,
     22 HP Kohler, 46" Deck, Electric PTO,
     Hand Control Hydrostat
2014 SIMPLICITY EX22 Lawn Mower, 38" Deck,
     No Hour Meter, Hydro
2014 KUBOTA ZD331 Z-track Mower, 650 Hrs,
     72" Deck, 3 Cylinder Kubota Diesel Engine,
     Foldable ROPS
2014 HUSTLER FASTRAK 23, Zero Turn Mower,
     95 Hrs, 23 Hp, Gas, 54" Deck, Turf Tires
2014 CUB CADET SZ60 Zero Turn Mower,
     255 Hrs, 60" Deck, Gas, Turf Tires
2013 HUSTLER RAPTOR Zero Turn Mower,
     52" deck
2013 HUSQVARNA MZ6128ZT Zero Turn Mower,
     322 Hrs, 61" HD Deck, Suspension Seat,
     27hp Gas Kawasaki
2012 JD Z997 Zero Turn Mower, 766 Hrs,
     72" Deck, Diesel, Turf Tires
2012 JD X720 Lawn Mower, 407 Hrs, 25.5HP,
     Gas, Hydro, 62" Deck
2010 JD X720A Mower, 762 Hrs, 25hp,
     Kawasaki Efi, Water Cooled, Hydro PS,
     Diff Lock, Hydraulic Lift With 62" Deck
2010 GRASSHOPPER 620T Zero Turn Mower,
     52" Deck, Gas, 2wd
     Mower, 682 Hrs, 21 hp Horsepower Vanguard,
     48" Deck, Gas
2003 CRAFTSMAN T2400 Lawn Mower,
     826 Hrs, 46" Cut, Hydro, 2wd, Turf Tires
2016 JD XUV855D Gator, 2100 Hrs,
     Green & Yellow, 2016, Diesel Gator,
     Deluxe Cab Frame w/windshield and
     wiper and back glass, Turn Signals
2015 KUBOTA RTVX1100 Utility Vehicle,
     1572 Hrs, Camo, Cab, Poly Doors,
     Glass Windshield, 4wd, Steel Wheels
2015 JD XUV855D Green & Yellow Gator
     Utility Vehicle, 600 Hrs, 3-Cyl Diesel, OPS,
     Bench Seat, Front Power-Protection
     (Hood Guard, Cargo Lift, Floor Mats),
    Front Fender Guards, Bed Liner, Taillights
     With Guards
2015 JD XUV825I Gator, 988 Hrs, Premium Cab,
     Poly Doors, Alloy Wheels, Olive & Black,
     PS, Power Lift Bed, Front And Rear
     Protection Package, Turn Signal Kit
2015 JD XUV825I Gator, 470 Hrs, Green & 
     Yellow, Alloy Wheels, High Performance
     Sport Seat, Cargo Box With Poly Liner,
     Roof, Brush guard
2015 JD RSX850I Gator, 120 Hrs, Olive & Black,
     14" Alloy Wheels, Sport Seat,
     Fox Monotube Shocks, Roof, Winch
2014 POLARIS XP800 Utility Vehicle, 1751 Hrs,
     4wd, All Terrain Tires, Windshield,
     Rear Panel, Doors, Roof
2014 JD XUV825I Gator, 2942 Hrs, Poly Roof,
     Windshield, Brush Guard, Front Fender
     Protection, Bucket Seats, Steel Wheels
     Extreme Terrain Tires
2012 JD XUV825I Gator, 1550 Hrs, 50hp,
     3 Cyl, Efi, 4wd, Green/Yellow, Deluxe Rops,
     Glass Windshield, Full Glass Doors,
     Steel Wheels, PS, Hi-Back Sport
     Bucket Seats
2010 JD XUV825I GATOR, 1338 Hrs, Green &
     Yellow, Roof, Windshield, Power & Protection
     Package, Steel Wheels
2009 JD TS 4x2 Gator Turf Tires, 2168 Hrs,
     Windshield, Bed Lift
2009 ARCTIC CAT 650 H1 Utility Vehicle,
     Carburetor, Liquid Cooled, CVT
     Transmission, 4x4, Diff Lock, Bucket Seats,
     Half Windshield Alloy Wheels
2006 KAWASAKI 610 Utility Vehicle,
     1175 Hrs, Green, Overhead Protection, Roof,
     Rear Screen, 4wd
2004 JD TS 4X2 Gator, 794 Hrs,
     All Purpose Tires, Power Dump Bed,
     Front Bumper, Rear Hitch, Windshield,
     Light Kit, Bed liner
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