Kilmer Farm Equipment Consignment Auction, August 29, 2018, 10:00 AM, Versailles, MO
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 Auction Location 
14769 Cattle Ln.
Versailles, MO  65084
At the Intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Lane then turn Right ( East)
and go mile to Sale Site.
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Farm & Construction Equipment


1993 JD 7700, 5922 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, Duals,
     19 spd, PS Trans, 3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO
1996 JD 7700, 4979 Hrs, CAH, 2wd, 16 spd,
     PQ Trans, 2 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     New Rear Tires
1996 JD 7400 w/ JD 740 SL Loader, 8708 Hrs,
     CAH, MFWD, 16 spds, PQ Trans, 2 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO
2008 JD 6430, 4035 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     16x16 Syncro Trans w/ Power Reverser,
     1 SCV, 540/1000 PTO
2013 JD 5101E w/ Westondorf Max 420
     Loader, 2947 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     12x12 Power Reverser Trans, 3 SCV's,
     Economy PTO
2009 JD 6230, 2926 Hrs, Roll Guard, MFWD,
     16 Spd, PQ Trans, 2 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     Low Profile
1998 JD 5510 w/ JD 540 Loader, 4822 Hrs,
     ROPS, MFWD,
     12x12 Power Reverser Trans, Joystick
2005 JD 5425 w/ JD 542 Loader, 592 Hrs,
     ROPS, MFWD,
     12x12 Power Reverser Trans, 2 SCV's,
     Very Nice
2009 JD 5045E w/ JD 553 Loader, 593 Hrs,
     ROPS, MFWD, 9x3 Syncro Trans,
     1 SCV
1985 JD 2350, 9945 Hrs, OS, 2wd, 8x4 Trans,
     1 SCV
2000 JD 5310 w/ JD 522 Loader, 3681 Hrs,
     Canopy, MFWD, 9x3 Syncro Trans,
2013 JD 5055D, 1276 Hrs, ROPS, 2wd,
     8x2 Trans, 1 SCV
2015 JD 4066M, 1444 Hrs, 3 Spd, Hydro,
2000 JD 4100, 1015 Hrs, MFWD, 2 spd Hydro,
     3pt, PTO, Joystick
2015 JD 5055E, 152 Hrs, 2wd, ROPS, 1 SCV
2015 JD 5055E, 396 Hrs, ROPS, MFWD,
     Power Reverser Trans, 1 SCV
1941 JD H, NF, New Paint
2003 MF 4355 w/ Quickie Q 940 Loader,
     MFWD, ROPS, 12x12 Power Reverser,
     2 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO
2009 MF GC 2400 w/ 60", 1560 Hrs,
     2 spd Hydro, 3pt, PTO, MFWD
Kubota M4700, 1899 Hrs, 2wd, ROPS,
     12x4 Trans, 1 SCV
Kubota B2920, 360 Hrs, MFWD, Hydro
2008 NH T1030 w/ Loader & 60" Mower Deck,
     500 Hrs, MFWD, Hydro
Fork 9700 w/ Bush Hog 3226 Loader, CAH,
     2wd, New Eng. OH
Farmall C, Gas
Cat D4 AgCrawler, 2 SCV's, 540 PTO
AC C, Runs Good
HF T020, New Rear Tires & Wheels,
     New Paint, Runs Good
MF 230, Gas, PS
Ford 8N
Ford 9N
Ferguson T020
Added 8-17-2018
1981 JD 4440 Tractor,
FWD, New Cab Kit,
     Good AC, 340/85/R24, New 18.4x38,
     Triple Hyds, New AC Compressor &
     Cooler, New Turbo, New Fluids

 Combines, Heads
      & Header Trailers

2002 NH TR99 Combine, 2495/1992 Hrs,
     4x4 Contour, AgLeader PF3000 Pro
NH 996 Corn Head, 6RN, Poly Snouts,
     Hyd. Deck Plates
NH 74C Flex Head, 25' Double Drive,
     Poly Fingers
Killbros 25' Header Trailer
IH 1440 Rotarcage, Recent Reman,
     Eng. w/ Turbo, Grain Lossman,
     Rollover Tarp
JD 643 Corn Head, New Rollers
JD 216 Rigid Head
IH 1440 Combine, Electric Over Hyd.
(2) JD 915 Flex Head SS
JD 915 Flex Head, CM, SS, Poly Fingers
JD 343 Corn Head
JD 300 Corn Picker w/ JD 343 Corn Head,
     New Rollers in Head

 Planters & Drills

JD 1770 12 Row 30", Dry Fert., Row Cleaners,
     Spiked Closing Wheels, Mon. w/Graham,
     2 Electric Planting w/ Tablet
JD 7200 4RW Conservation, NT
Kinze GR 30" w/ Corn Meters
JD 7000 GR 30", NT
IH 10 Grain Drill, 16 Hole, Grass Seeder,
     Double Disk
JD 13 Hole Grain Drill, For Parts
Case IH 5100 Grain Drill, 21 Hole,
     Press Wheels, Nice
Marliss 10' NT Drill, Pull Type, Press Wheels
JD VanBrunt Drill, 8' 
JD FB VanBrunt Grain Drill, Hyd Lift,
     15 Hole, 7" Spacing
JD FB Grain Drill, Man. Lift, 15 Hole,
     7" Spacing

 Tillage Equipment

JD 630 Disk, 19 Gauge Wheels on Wings
     w/ Harrow
IH 475 Disk 21' Hyd. Fold Wings
IH 37 Disk 12' Hyd. Cyl.
Krause 210 Disk, 12'
IH 37 Disk, Pull Type
AC 10' Disk
Sunflower 4212-14, 11 Shank Disk Chisel
JD 12 Shank Chisel Plow
JD 12' Spring Tooth Harrow, Hyd Lift
IH 480 Disk, 20' Man. Fold Wing,
     Like New Blades
Krause 1900 Disk, 18' Hyd Fold, Good Blades,
     w/ Harrow
JD 714 Disk Chisel, 9 Shank,
     Completely Rebuilt, Like New
Case Pull Type Chisel Plow, 9 Shank
White 27' Disk, 18' Hyd. Fold
JD 12' Heavy Cutting Disk, Cone Blades
IH 510 Plow, 4x16 Semi Mt
JD 3x14 Plow, 3pt
JD 5x14 Plow, 3pt
IH 540 Plow, 4 Bottom, Semi Mt, w/ Coulters
Ford 3 Bottom Rollover Plow
Brillion 9' Cultipacker
Fergurson 3pt Cultivator
JD 950 Cultimulcher, 15'
JD RM 8 Row Wide Cultivator
JD 400 Rotary Hoe, 15'
Brillion 10' Cultimulcher
Case 10' Cultimulcher
IH 510 Plow, 4 Bottom, Semi Mt, w/ Coulters
JD 630 Disk, 19 ' Gauge Wheels on Wings,
     9" Spacing, Spring Tooth Harrow,
     One Owner, Nice

 Manure Spreaders
     & Handling

Knight 8118 Pro Twin Slinger, 1000 PTO
Hesston PTO Spreader
NH 516 Manure Spreader
Knight Spreader, Tandem Axle, Hyd. End Gate
2009 Chandler 6 Ton, Lime or Fert. Spreader,
     14Lx16.1 Tires, Honda Eng.
Ocmis R4 Hard Hose Traveling Gun,
     4.2" Hose
Rain Flow Irrigation Pump, Berkley Pump,
     JD 4 Cyl. Diesel, Like New
1 Lot of 6" Aluminum Irrigation Pipe & Trailer
Cadman 3250 Hard Hose Reel w/ Nozzle
KMC Kruster for Poultry Barns
JD 40 Manure Spreader, PTO, Rebuilt
H&S 370 Manure Spreader, Tandem Axle,
     Hyd. End Gate, Needs Rebuilt


Bush Hog SQ 160, 6', 3pt
Used 5' 3pt Brush Hog
Howse SHD 15' Batwing, 1000 PTO
Rhino FN180, 15' Batwing, 1000 PTO
Bush Hog 2715L 15' Batwing, 540 PTO
Frontier RC2072, 6' 3pt

 Grain Carts,
    Gravity Wagons
       & Grain Augers

Parker 250 Grain Cart, 540 PTO
A&L 500 Grain Cart
EZ Trail 475 Grain Cart
(2) EZ Flow Gravity Wagons
     on EZ Trail 10 Ton Gears
Farm King Gravity Box
Bradford 225 Gravity Flow on Kory Gear
Kewanee 500 Hay & Grain Elevator, 40'
Feteral 10"x70' Auger, Swing Hopper,
     Hyd. Lift
6"x40' Grain Auger

 Silage Equipment

NH 782 Silage Chopper
     w/ NH 824 2 Row 30" Corn Head
     & NH 770W Hay Pickup Head
NH 717 Silage Chopper, 1 Row
NH 782 Chopper w/ NH 822 2 Row 30" Head
JD 2 Row 30" Corn Head
JD 7' Hay Pickup Head
NH F62B Silage Blower, 540 PTO, Nice
Gehl Silage Blower
(2) JD 125 Chuck Wagons, for Parts
NH Super 717 Chopper
     w/ 770R 1 Row Corn Head
Kelly Ryan 8' Silage Bagger, 250 Cables,
     Good Cond.

 Hay Equipment

2006 Claas Variant 280 Baler, 4x6 Hales,
     Net Wrap, 540 PTO
AC 303 Baler
NH 311 Square Baler, Good Cond.
NH 276 Square Baler, Nice
NH 166 Hay Merger, Hyd. Drive
NH 166 Hay Inverter, Ground Drive
Enorossi Y8T3 Hy Cap Wheel Rake
NH Super 55 Hay Rake
Gehl 1520 10 Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
IH 1300 Sickle Bar Mower, 7' Bar
Vermeer R23A Double Basket Bar Rake,
     Hyd Drive
JD 635 MoCo, 11'6" Cut Flails
     w/ Complete New Cutter Bar
Case IH 8350 Haybine, 11' Cute,
     Laminated Rolls
NH 479 Haybine, 9' Cut
Hesston 1130 Haybine, 9' Cut,
     Rubber on Steel Rolls
2008 Kuhn GMD 313T6 Trailed Disk Mower,
     10' Cut
Hesston 1010 Hydro Swing Haybine
Kuhn 2 Basket Hay Tedder

 Feeder & Grinder Mixers

NH 355 Grinder Mixer, New Scale,
     Hyd Load & Unload
NH 352 Grinder Mixer w/ Drag Auger
Roto Mix UXT 425 Vertical Mixer,
     Twin Screw, Hyd. Con., 2 Scale Heads,
     540 PTO, Super Single Truck Tires

 Skid Steers,
      Construction Equipment, 
           Attachments & Blades

JD CT332 Skid Steer, 3200 Hrs, CAH,
     Hi Flow Hyd
2012 JD 323D Skid Steer, 1594 Hrs,
     Foot Controls, New Tracks
Koehring Scat Trak 1050, 4189 Hrs,
     Foot Controls, Aux Hyds, Kubota Diesel
Frontier 6' Grapple Bucket,
     Fits JD 500 Series Loaders
Titan Pallet Fork/Bale Spike Combo,
     Fit JD 400 & 500 Series Loaders
Ashland B33D, 3 Yd Scraper Pan
IA 165 3pt Blade, 10' Hyd Tilt & Swing
JD 60 Series Excavator Bucket
IMCO 7' 3pt Blade
Bale Spike to Fit JD 600 or 700 Series Loader
IA F07 Box Blade, 7' Pull Type
New Stout XHD 84-6 Grapple Bucket
New The Bale Bee, Bale Spike,
     Skid Steer QT
New 72" Skid Steer Bucket
Rhino 7' 3pt Blade, Hyd
New TMG GL-SP240 Snow Blade,
     Skid Steer QT Hyd Angle
2006 Genie GTH 5519 Telehandler, 3886 Hrs

 Trucks & Trailers

1979 Ford Grain Truck, 3208 Cat Eng,
     Less than 2500 Miles on Auto Trans,
     20' Grain Bed
Donahue Equipment Trailer, 28' Long
2007 Utility 48'x201" Refer Trailer, 9000 Hrs
Smith Creek Gooseneck, 8 Bale Hay Trailer,
     42' Side Dump, Like New

 Riding & Finishing Mowers

JD X540 Riding Mower, 54" Deck, 791 Hrs
Rhino 7' 3pt Finish Mower, New
Used 3pt Finish Mower, 6'
Frontier GMD 1060R Finish Mower, 5', 3pt,
     Rear Discharge

 Miscellaneous Items

IH 8 Hole, 10 Ton Wagon Gear
Electric Wheel 5026 Wagon Gear, 6 Hole
NH 6 Hole Wagon Gear
3pt Bale Spike
7x14 Wagon w/ Short Sides on AC Gear
McCormick Metal Box Wagon, Restored
Gruetts G24W 8 Hole Wagon Gear,
     12 Ton Single Axle
Pair of 18.4 -30 Clamp on Duals
7x14 Hay Wagon on Kory Gear
35 Watt PTO Generator
125 Gal. Fuel Tank w/ 12V Pump
Pair of New 11.00-16 4 Rib Tires
     on 8 Hole Wheels
Pair Redline Under Flatbed Tool Boxes
3pt. Grass Seeder
New 12' Rissler Gate
Danuser 3pt. Post Pounder
Bush Hog Post Hole Digger, Like New
45 Gal. Liquid Applicator w/ 12V Pump
JD Hay Bale Elevator
Tuffline 7' Pasture Renovator, 3pt
Ford 3 pt Dirt Scoop
Front Weights to fit JD 30130 to 4020
Bulk Oil Tank, 6-110 Gal. Tanks w/ Hoses
Brave 34 Ton Wood Splitter, Excellent Cond
(2) 18.4 x 34 Rice Tires
(2) New JD Grill Guards
     to fit JD 2520 or 2720 Compact
New JD Loader Brackets
     to fit JD 2720 or 2520 Compact
Pair of Weight Brackets off JD 250 Skid Steer
(2) Firestone 18.4R42 Tires
(2) Firestone 18.4x38 Tires
(2) Firestone 20.8x38 Tires
(2) Goodyear 18.4R38 Tires
Continental 18.4R38 Tire on JD Step up Rim
(2) Titan 18.4R38 Tires
Lot of Misc PTO Shafts
(2) Titan 900Rx965 Tires on Ten Bolt Wheels

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