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  Auction Location & Directions  
  Wheeler Auctions Lot West of Paris, MO,
  23101 Hwy 24, Paris, MO 65275
    From Paris, MO take Hwy 24 West approximately 3 miles to sale lot
    on South Side of Road.
Accepting Consignments until Thursday, July 26, at 12 Noon
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The following items are consigned by
John Deere Dealership
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Mexico 573-581-5900 or Macon 660-385-2177

All of the below is another quality consignment from Sydenstricker Implement Co., a family owned and operated business that started in Paris, MO in 1944. Sydenstrickers has now expanded to 12 locations with the latest acquisition of J.F. Roling & Sons in Salisbury, MO, who started in business in 1892. This is by far one of the nicest offering of used farm equipment to be offered at auction. Please pay attention to the special finance programs.

2017 Case IH 470 Quadtrac Tractor, 6 Hrs,
     1000 PTO, 6 SCV's, Cold Weather Package,
     Performance Lighting Package, Luxury Cab,
     Pro 700 Display
2005 JD 9620T Tractor, 5638 Hrs, CAH,
     Autotrac Ready, 5 SCV's, Side Weight
     Supports, Premier Lighting Package
1998 JD 9300 Tractor, 12479 Hrs, 4wd,
     24/6 Manual Shift Trans, 100mm Axles,
     4 SCV's, Radio
1993 JD 8870 Tractor, 7309 Hrs, 4wd, 4 SCV's,
     Bare Back, 710/70R38,
     24/6 Manual Shift Trans
2010 JD 8295RT Track Tractor, 2723 Hrs,
     Deluxe Command View II Cab, PS,
     Deluxe Lighting, Premium Radio, 4 SCVs,
     1000 Rpm 1-3/4" PTO, Dual Beam Radar,
     Cold Weather Package,
     Wide Drive Wheel Option
2012 Case IH 400 Tractor, 2012 Hrs, 4wd,
     Cab Suspension, Leather, PS, 3 Pt,
     1000 PTO, 5 SCVs, 480/95R50 Tires,
     8 Front Weights, Instructional Seat
2013 JD 8360RT Track Tractor, 1823 Hrs,
     30' Tracks, Command View II Cab,
     Premium Radio, 5 SCV's w/ Push/Pull
     Breakaway Couplers, Cat 4 3 Pt hitch
     with Sway Block and Quick Coupler,
     Premium HID Lighting, Cold Weather Start
     Pkg, Wide Drive Wheel Option,
     Front Weight Bracket
2010 JD 8320R Tractor, 4683 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     PS, Guidance-Ready, 1000 PTO,
     Premium CommandView II Cab
     with Active Seat, AutoTrac Ready,
     Less Greenstar Display, Premium HID Lighting,
     Deluxe Radio Package, 5 SCVs
JD 8420 Tractor, 5916 Hrs, MFWD, Deluxe Cab,
     Greenstar Ready, 4 SCV's, 1000 PTO,
     MFD Front Fenders, Training Seat
2003 JD 8420 Tractor, 6632 Hrs, MFWD,
     GreenStar Ready, 4 SCV's, 1000 PTO,
     480/80R46 Rear Tires, 480/80R46,
     380/85R34 Frt Tires
2001 JD 8210T Track Tractor, 5053 Hrs,
     Deluxe Cab, Deluxe Comfort Package,
     3 SCV, 3pt
2008 JD 7830 Tractor, 3259 Hrs, MFWD,
     16 Spd PowerQuad, CommandView Cab,
     GreenStar Ready, 3 SCV's, 1000 PTO,
     Rear Tires GY 480/80R46,
     Front Tires GY 385/80R34
2005 JD 7820 Tractor, 4330 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     20sp PQ Trans, Deluxe Cab, 3 SCV's,
     1 3/4 1000 PTO, 1 3/8 Capable,
     18.4-42 Firestone, Fronts 380/85-R30
2013 JD 7230R Tractor, 890 Hrs, Tractor, MFWD,
     20/20 Auto-Quad Plus Trans, Deluxe Cab,
     Prem Radio, 43 GPM. Pump, 4 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO., Steel Wheels And Cast Hubs,
     480/80R46 Rear Tires And Duals,
     1300 Front Axle, 420/90R30 Front Tire
2011 JD 7200R Tractor, 2651 Hrs, MFWD,
     20/20 Powerquad, Deluxe Commandview Cab,
     Premium Radio, 43 GPM Hydraulic Pump,
     3 SCV'S, 540/1000 Pto, Cat3 Hitch,
     100mm Axle, Cast Wheels,
     480/80R46 Rear Tires, 420/90R30 Front Tires
2002 JD 8120 Tractor, 6765 Hrs, Active Seat,
     Greenstar Ready, Deluxe Comfort Package,
     1000/540 PTO, 4 SCV, 42.5 Gpm Hydraulics,
     118 Inch Axle, Firestone 18.4x46, MFWD,
     420-30 Titans New
2011 JD 7530 Premium Tractor, 4451 Hrs, CAH,
     MFWD, Greenstar Ready, 92mm Rear Axle,
     16 Spd Powerquad Transmission,
     480/80R42 Duals, 420/85R28 Front,
     540/1000 PTO, 3 Rear SCV's
2008 JD 7430 Premium Tractor, 2749 Hrs,
     MFWD W/TLS Triple Link Suspension,
     Greenstar Ready, 110" Rear Axle,
     480/80R42 Rears, 420/85R28, Front Fenders,
     20 Speed Auto Quad Transmission,
     540/540E/1000 Pto, 4 SCV's,
     Cab Corner Exhaust, Air Seat
2015 JD 6175R Tractor, 364 Hrs, MFWD,
     Premium Cab, RH Console, Premium Radio
     w/XM, 4 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     480/80R46 R1 Rear W/Duals,
     380/85R34 R1 Front Tires
2003 JD 7420 Tractor, 6315 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     20 Speed Power Quad Trans
     w/ Left Hand Reverser, Air Suspension Seat,
     Instructional Seat, 3 Remotes,
     480x80Rx38 Radials, 16.9RX26
1996 JD 7400 Tractor, 8707 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     16 Spd Power Quad Transmission, 2 SCV's,
     w/Loader and Grapple
2014 JD 6170M Tractor, 1014 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad Plus 16/16, LHR, Air Seat, Mirrors,
     RH Door, 3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     92 MM Rear Axle, 420/80R46 Rear Tires,
     Firestone Duals, 420/85R28 Front Tires
2016 JD 6155R Tractor
     w/ 2018 JD 640R MSL 3FN Loader,
     Single Pt Multi-Coupler, 96" HD Bucket,
     440 Hrs, MFWD, Premium Cab,
     Guidence ready, 540/1000 Rear PTO,
     AutoQuad 20F/20R Trans,
     Command Center Display, 4 SCV's,
     480/80R42 Firestone Rear Tires,
     380/85R30 Firestone Front Tires
2013 JD 6150M Tractor w/H340 SL Loader,
     1919 Hrs, MFWD, CAH, 16 Speed Powerquad,
     3 SCV'S, 460R38 Rear Tires,
     380/85R28 Front Tires, Steel Rear Wheels,
     Front Fenders, Radio, 540/1000 PTO
2016 JD 6145R Tractor, 615 Hrs, MFWD
     w/Limited Slip, AQ Plus 20F/20R Transmission,
     GreenStar Ready, RH Console,
     Deluxe Radio Package, 45CCM Hydraulic
     Pump, 3 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO,
     480/80R38 Firestone
2016 JD 6145M Tractor, 577 Hrs, MFWD,
     PowerQuad 24F/24R, Standard Cab,
     Business Radio Package, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 460/85R38 Michelin Rear Tire
2014 JD 6140M Tractor, 581 Hrs, MFWD,
     Deluxe Cab, GreenStar Ready
    , 24 Speed Power Quad Plus
     w/ Left Hand Reverser, Air Suspension Seat,
     3 Remotes, 540/1000 PTO, Cat. 3N3 3 Pt
     Hitch, 480x80Rx42 Tires, 16.9R28 Tires
2014 JD 6140M Tractor w/ JD H360 Loader,
     2254 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, PQ 24/24 Trans,
     2 SCV's, 540/1000 PTO
JD 6140M Tractor w/ JD H340 Loader & Grapple,
     1664 Hrs, Deluxe Cab, MFWD, Air Seat,
     540/1000 PTO, Training Seat,
     Front & Rear Roller Blinds, 3 FN Joystick
2015 JD 6130 R Tractor w/ 2016 JD 620R Loader,
     1137 Hrs, MFWD, Std. Cab, Economy Seat,
     Premium Radio, 24/24 P/Q Plus Trans.,
     Green Star Ready, 114L Hyd. Pump, 3 SCV's,
     540/540E/1000 PTO, Cat II 3 Pt Hitch,
     420/85R24 F.S. Front Tires,
     460/85R38 F.S. Rear Tires
2016 JD 6120M Tractor w/ 2018 JD 620R Loader,
     NSL, Single Pt Hook Up, 96" Bucket, 345 Hrs,
     MFWD, PowerQuad 24/24, Standard Cab,
     Business Radio Package, 3 SCV's,
     540/1000 PTO, 460/85R38 Rear Michelin Tires,
     340/85R28 Michelin Front Tires
2017 JD 6120E Tractor w/2017 JD H310 Loader,
     NSL, Global 85" HD Bucket , 80 Hrs, MFWD,
     24F/12R Power Reverser, Standard Cab,
     Air Seat, 3 SCV's, 460/85R38 Rear Tires,
     380/85R24 Front Tires
2016 JD 5100E Tractor FT4 w/ JD H260 Loader,
     890 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, Air Ride Seat,
     18.4-30 80% Rear Tires, 12.4-24 80% Front
     Tires, Cab Corner Exhaust, Cat II 3pt,
     540/540E Rear PTO, Dual Rear SCV,
     Joystick Control, 73" Bucket
2011 JD 5065E Utility Tractor w/ JD 553 Loader,
     1510 Hrs, MFWD, Syncro, Open Station,
     1 Rear SCV, Joystick, 16.9-28 Rear Tires
2014 Case IH 340 Magnum Tractor, 1399 Hrs,
     19 Spd PS, 5 SCV's, Front Axle Suspension,
     Cab Suspension, Luxury Cab, 59 Gal Pump,
     480/80R50 Rear Tires, 380/80 R38 Front Tires,
     8 Front Weights
1994 White 6144 Tractor, 4092 Hrs, CAH, 2wd,
     16F/16R Trans, 540/1000 PTO,
     18.4-42 Rear Duals, 11-16 Front Tires,
     3 Rear SCV's, 15 Front Weights
Case IH 210 Row Crop Tractor, MFWD,
     480/80R46 Rear Tires, W/Duals,
     380/85R34 Front Tires, 4 SCV's
1969 MF 1100 Tractor, 5084 Hrs,
     18.4-38 Rear Tires
1968 MF 1100 Tractor
     w/ Westendorf WL-L2 Loader, 3624 Hrs,
     18.4-38 Rear Tires
2013 Kubota M135 Tractor, 2000 Hrs, MFWD,
     CAH, 24F/12R Power Reverser, Standard Cab,
     Air Seat, 3 SCV's, 460/85R38 Rear Tires,
     380/85R24 Front Tires
MF 1759 Utility Tractor w/ DL135 Loader, 297 Hrs,
     CAH, Radio, Diesel, Diff Lock, 540 PTO,
     1 SCV, Syncro Trans w/Reverser
1965 IH 706 Utility Tractor, 6,681 Hrs, 2wd,
     Syncro, 540/1000 PTO, 15.5-38 Rear Tires
     50%, Diesel, Fast Hitch, Wide Front, 1 SCV
1991 Case-IH 595 Tractor, 622 Hrs, 2wd, Open,
     Fixed Rops, Diesel Engine, PS, 1 Rear SCV,
     540 Pto, 3 Front Wgts, 16.9-30
     75% Rear Tires, 7.50-16 70% Front Tires,
     Suspension Seat, 8F/4R Syncro Trans
1991 Case-IH 395 Utility Tractor, 758 hrs, 2wd,
     Syncro, 540 PTO, 1 SCV
1953 AC WD Tractor, Gas, NF,
     14.9-26 R1 Rear Tires, 5.50-15 Front Tires,
     Snap Coupler, Drawbar,
     Twin-Draulic Loader w/Trip Bucket
1972 MF 165 Tractor, Diesel Engine, 3 Pt. Hitch,
     16.9x38 Tires, 7.50x16 Tires, WF
1958 Farmall 560 Tractor, 2wd, Syncro, 540 PTO,
     14.9 38 Tires, 1 SCV, Gas, NF
1959 Case 311B Utility Tractor, Gas, 8/2 Trans,
     PS, 3 Point, 1 Remote, 5.50-16 Front Tires,
     13.6X28 Rear Tires
AC D14 Utility Tractor, 2WD, Syncro Trans,
     540 PTO
1951 Ford 8N Tractor, 2,026 Hrs, 25 Eng. Hp,
     20 PTO HP, 4 Cyl, Gas Engine, 3 Pt Hitch,
     540 Ground Driven PTO w/ Over Running Clutch
2015 JD 1025R Compact Utility Tractor
     w/ JD D120 Loader
JD 4120 Compact Utility Tractor
     w/JD 400X Loader, 770 Hrs, MFWD,
     Power Reverser Trans, Rear SCV, R4 Tires,
     Roll Bar
JD 4100 Compact Tractor w/ JD 410 Loader,
     1010 Hrs, Rear Wheel Wgts.,
     8.50-12 Front Tires, 9.5L-16 R1 Rear tires,
     540 PTO, 3 pt. Hitch, Hydro. Trans, 48" Bucket
JD 3520 Compact Tractor w/ JD 300CX Loader,
     1492 Hrs, MFWD, ROPS, Hydro,
     27x8.5-15 Rear R4 Tires, 1 Rear SCV,
     JD 72D Deck
JD 2520 Tractor w/JD 200CX Loader, 295 Hrs,
     Hydro Drive
JD 2305 Compact Tractor, 1037 Hrs,
     24HP 3 Cylinder Diesel,
     Hydrostat Transmission With High-Low Range,
     Power Steering, Cat 1 Limited 3 Point Hitch,
     R4 Tires,W/JD 62" Deck
2014 JD S680 Combine, Premium Cab,
     1701/1236 Hrs, Autotrac Ready,
     Pro Drive Transmission, PRWD,
     Command Touch Multi Spd Drive,
     Round Bar Concave, Adj. Chafer,
     26' Unloading Auger, 650/85R38 Dual
     Front Tires, 28L-R26 Rear Tires, Tier 4 Engine,
     Side Hill Package
2012 JD S680 Combine, 1720/1250 Hrs, Pro-Drive,
     Contour Master, Yield Monitor, Yield Mapping,
     PRWD, Long Unloading Auger, Chaff Spreader,
     Grain Tank Extension, 650/70R38 R1W Duals,
     28LX26 R2 Goodyear Rear Tires
2014 JD S670 Combine, 1190/819 Hrs, PRWD,
     Premium Cab, Enhanced Air Seat, Hid Lights,
     Premium Radio, Autotrac, 3 Spd Transmission,
     Round Bar Concave, Adj. Chaffer, Tristream
     Rotor, Extended Wear Package,
     22.5' Unloading Auger, Manual Tailboard,
     900/65r32, Front Tires, 710/65r26 Rear Tires,
     Side Hill Package, Full Grain Tank Sensor
2014 JD S670 Combine, 1272/927 Hrs,
     Premium Cab, PRWD, Air Seat, Premium Radio,
     Autotrac Ready, 3 Speed Electrical Shift
     Transmission, Heavy Duty Hi Torque VSD,
     S-Series Cleaning Shoe, Tri-stream Extended
     Wear Rotor, 6.9m Unloading Auger, 900/65R32
     R2 Goodyear Front Tires, 710/65R26 R2
     Goodyear Rear Tires
2015 JD S680 Combine, 1577/1150 Hrs, PRWD,
     Pro Drive Trans, Premium Cab, CM,
     High Capacity 26' Unload Auger,
     Power Cast Tail Board, 520-85/R42 Drive Tires,
     620-75/R26 Steering Tires
2013 JD S670 Combine, 1374/907 Hrs, PRWD,
     Rear Tires F.S. 28L26, Front Tires F.S.
     1250/45-32, Pro-Drive, Contour Master,
     Yield Monitor, Yield Mapping,
     Long Unloading Auger, Maurer 150 bu. Grain
     Tank Extension, Power Gard Power Train
2008 JD 9770 STS Combine, 3125/1774 Hrs,
     PRWD, 20.8/42 W/Duals, 28L-26 Rears,
     Chopper, Yield Monitor, Lateral Tilt Feeder
     House, Zenon Lighting, Contour Master,
     HD Variable Speed Feeder House
2015 JD S660 Combine, 1020/706 Hrs,
     Premium Cab, Air Suspension Seat, HID Lights,
     Premium Radio Package, Greenstar Ready,
     3 Speed Electrical Shift Trans., PRWD,
     Round Bar Concave, RWA, Rear Tires:
     750/65R 26, Front Tires: 520/85R42,
     Contour Master, Yield Monitor, Yield Mapping,
     6.9 meter Long Unloading Auger,
     Grain Tank Extension
JD 9750 STS Combine, 3487/2366 Hrs,
     Deluxe Header Control, Greenstar
     Yield Monitor, Round Bar Concaves,
     20' Unloading Auger, Training Seat
2008 JD 9670 STS Combine, 2008/1201 Hrs,
     Premium Cab, Deluxe Header Control,
     round Bar Concaves, 4WD
JD 9760 STS Combine, 3367/2333 Hrs,
     Premium Cab, Premium Header Control,
     round Bar Concaves, 4WD, 2 Speed Hydro,
     Training Seat, Service Lights,
     Full Grain Tank Sensor
2001 JD 9650 STS Combine, 3052/1880 Hrs,
     18.4X 42Front Tires W/ Duals,
     18.4x26 Rear Tires. Round Bar Concaves.
     Green Star Wired For Mapping.
     Lateral Tilt Feeder House For 600 Series Head,
     Chopper, 4WD, 20ft Unload Auger,
     Hyd Fore & Aft Reel Control, Engine Block
     Heater, J&M Grain Tank Extension
2001 JD 9650 STS Combine, 3391/2705 Hrs,
     Lateral Tilt Feeder house, Contour Master,
     HD Variable Speed Feederhouse,
     900 SERIES HOOK UPS, Dail-a-matic,
     Header Height Control, GreenStar Wiring
     Harness Only, 20' perforated auger,
     Fine cut chopper with chaff spreader,
     1250/45/32 FS Fronts, 28L-26 FS Rears
1979 Case IH 1440 Combine, 2wd,
     23.1x26 Drive Tires,
     12.4x16.1 Turf Steering Tires,
     Vitteo Chaff Spreader
     w/Adapter for JD 900 Series Platform

  Platforms, Corn Heads &
       Head Movers
1988 JD 920F Flex Platform, 20' for 1440 Combine
2013 JD 640FD Flex Draper, Dual Knife Drive
2012 JD 640FD Flex Draper, Dual Knife Drive
2007 JD 635F Flex Platform, CM
2007 JD 635F Flex Platform
2006 JD 635F Flex Platform
2008 JD 625F Flex Platform, Full Finger,
     Height Sensing
2004 JD 625F Flex Platform, Full Finger, CM,
     Flight Extensions
2015 JD 608C Corn Head, 8 Row, 30" Spacing, CM
2004 JD 893 Corn Head, 8 Row, 30" Spacing, CM
1998 JD 893 Corn Head, 8 Rows,
     30 Knife Row Units, Converted to CM
Case IH 963 Corn Head, 6 Row, 30" Spacing
JD 414 Head Mover, 25'
  Planters & Drills
1997 Kinze 2600 16/31 Planter, 31 Rows,
     15" Spacing, Flex Fold Frame,
     Finger Pickup Metering System,
     1.6 Bushel Hopper, Liquid Fertilizer manifold,
     KPM II Monitor, Stainless Fertilizer Tubes
     In Row
1997 JD 1780 12/23 Planter, 12 Rows,
     30" Spacing, Flex Fold Frame,
     Independent Markers, 3.0 Bushel Hoppers,
     HD Down Pressure
Kinze 3600 Planter, 31 Row, 15" Spacing,
     Flex Fold Frame, Radial Bean Meters,
     3.0 Bushel Hoppers, Row Command,
     KPM II Monitor, No Till Coulters,
     1 Spike/1 Rubber Closing Wheel,
     No Corn Meters
2011 Kinze 3600 16/31 Row. Bulk Fill,
     Electric Shut Offs On Corn Rows,
     Combination N/T Coulters/Trash Wheels
     on Corn Rows, Liquid Fertilizer on Corn Rows
2002 Kinze 3500 8/15 Row, Markers,
     N/T Coulters, Rubber Closing Wheels,
     Box Extensions, Tru Count Air Clutches,
     Ag Leader Integra Display, GPS 1500 Receiver,
     Drawbar Hitch
  Tillage Equipment
2004 JD 637 Disk, 32' On 7.25" Spacing,
     Single Point Depth Control Manual
2013 JD 2623 Disk, 40 Ft. 8" Width,
     5 Section Fold, 9" Blade Spacing,
     4-340x65Rx18 Tires Walking Tandems
     Center, 4-11Lx15 Tires Walking Tandems
     Wings, 18" Finishing Blade Rear
Great Plains 8', Rippled Front Blades,
     9 Inch Sweeps, 2 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow,
     Flat Bar Rolling Basket
2017 JD 2623 VT, m40' 8", Rolling Basket
2015 Landoll 7450-39 VT, 6000 Acres, 39'
2012 Landoll 7431-26 VT, 26' Single Round Bar
     Rolling Basket
2011 Case-IH 330 True-Tandem 330, 34',
     Straight Bar Rolling Basket
2012 Great Plains 3000 Turbo Chopper, 30',
     16 3/4" Blades
1994 JD 980 Field Cultivator, 41', 4-11lx15 Tires,
     Wing Rockshaft/4-9.5lx15 Single Point
     Depth Control, Heavy Duty Hitch Link,
     Safety Chain, 7" Tru-Width Sweeps,
     44'9" Coil Tine Harrow
IH 4600 Field Cultivator, 28 FT, 48 Shanks,
     7" Sweeps, 3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
1998 Case-IH 4300 Field Cultivator, 25',
     3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow, 6.7" Spacing
2004 Case-IH 4800 Field Cultivator, 24',
     3 Section Fold, Three Bar Coil Tine Harrow,
     9" Sweeps
Calkins 13.5' Field Cultivator 13 ',
     16 5 1/2 In. Sweeps, 3pt
2012 JD 714 16' 3" Rigid Mulch Tiller
1999 JD 726 Mulch Finisher, 30'9', 9" Spacing,
     Hyd Disk Adjustment, Single Point Depth
     Control, 5 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
2013 Landoll 2410 Ripper, 18' Working Width,
     Hydraulic Fold, Transport Width 14 Ft. 6",
     9 Shanks, Parabolic Auto-Reset,
     3 Row Tine Harrow w/ 5 Blade 16" Diameter
     Chopper Reel
2012 Blue-Jet 7S30 Sub-Tiller 4 Ripper,
     7 Shank 1 "X6", 30" Shank Spacing,
     Double Bar
1998 DMI 730B Disc Ripper, 7 Shank
     30" spacing, Hyd Adjust Disk Openers,
     Hyd Adjust Rear Leveling Disks, 10" Points
1985 Bush Hog 5 Shank V-Ripper,
     30" Spacing, Cat2-3 Hitch
JD 510 Disk Ripper, 17' 6" Rigid,
     7 Standard Spring Reset
  Grain & Hay Equipment
2011 Brent 1194 Avalanche Grain Cart, Green,
     1100 Bu., 22" Front Unloading Auger,
     1000 PTO, Roll-Over Tarp,
     410 Scale Indicator
2008 Kinze 850 Grain Cart, 66X44 Floater Tires,
     1000 PTO, Roll Trap
1995 Kinze 840 Grain Cart, 840 Bushel,
     30.5x32 Tires, Tarp
1994 Kinze 840 Grain Cart, 840 Bushel,
     66X43.00X25 Tires, Tarp
Brent 774 750 Bushel, Corner Auger Grain Cart
Demco 650 Bushel Grain Cart,
1995 A & L F500 Grain Cart, Corner Auger,
     No Tarp, 1000 PTO
Cardinal CBC10-3SEC 35'x10" Galvanized
     Electric Seed Conveyor, 240V
2017 McHale V660 Baler, 1207 Bales
2007 JD 568 Round Baler, 18000 Bales
    , Mega Wide Pick Up, Hyd Lift, Silage Kit,
     Net Wrap, Push Bar, 540 PTO
1986 JD 530 Round Baler, 20000 Bales,
     Auto Tie, Single Twin Arm, 540 PTO
1984 JD 530 Baler, Twine Only, 540 PTO,
     Regular Pick Up
2009 JD 458 Baler, 24000 Bales, Megawide,
     Twine & Surface Wrap, 540 PTO,
     Hyd Pick-Up
1991 JD 435 Baler, 22400 Bales, Twine Only,
     Regular Pickup, 540 PTO
2009 Hesston 5556 Baler, 10000 Bales,
     5' Bales, Regular Pickup, Twine & Surface
     Wrap, 1000 PTO, Hyd Pick Up
2005 Hesston 956 Baler, Surface Wrap,
     540 PTO, Kicker, Monitor
2003 Hesston 956 Baler, 11,200 Bales,
     Net Wrap & Twine, Kicker, 5X6 Bale,
     540 PTO
2007 Challenger RB563 Round Baler,
     12600 Bales, 5' Width, Twine Only, 540 PTO,
     Bale Kicker
2008 NH BR7090 Baler, 8700 Bales,
     Wrap & Twine, 540 PTO
2003 Vermeer R-23 Twin Rake New Tires,
     Hyd Basket
Vermeer 21A Rake, 4 Bar Baskets,
     1205/75R14 Tires, Manual Fold, Hyd Drive
H & S BF12HC 12 Wheel Hi-Capacity Rake,
     Center Kicker Wheels
NH HT154 12 wheel bi-fold rake, 24'
2016 Rhino BF10 10 Wheel Hi-Capacity
     Wheel Rake
2004 Lely 725 Classic Rotary Rake, 540 PTO
2013 Tubeline TRL5000AX2 Bale Wrapper,
     Dual Hyd Drive, Film Sensor, 13 HP
Tri-L Single Bale Spear
2008 REM 2700 Grain Vac, 540 PTO,
     Requires 85+ HP Tractor,
     14" Auger Discharge Height, Hyd Swing Auger
2009 Richiger R10 Grain Bagger,
MDS L-2, 2 Prong Bale Spear
Horst SE50 JD Single Bale Spear, JD Hook Up
Mensch 800 Bale Spear, Skid Steer Hook Up
  Rotary Cutters
2016 Enorossi BFS270H Sickle Bar Mower,
     9' Cut, Hyd Fold, Like NEW, Used 10 hrs
2012 NH H6750 Disc Mower, Cutting Width: 9',
     Hydraulic Lift, 3 Pt., 7 Discs
2010 Case IH DC102 MoCo, Roll Conditioner,
     10' 4" Cutting Width, Side Pull, Clevis Hitch,
     540 PTO, Hyd Swing Tongue,
     Modular Cutter Bar
Wallace LRC6 Rotary Cutter, 6' cut,
     3pt Mount, 540 PTO
JD HX20 Rotary Cutter, 1 3/4" 1000 Rpm PTO,
     Dual Wing Wheels
2013 JD HX20 Rotary Cutter, 20', 1000 PTO
2013 JD HX20 Rotary Cutter, 20', 1000 PTO
2010 JD HX20 Rotary Cutter, 20', 1000 PTO,
     8 Air Plane Tires,
Bush Hog 12720 Rotary Cutter, 20',
     Small 1000 PTO
2017 JD HX15 Rotary Cutter, 540 PTO
2015 JD HX15 Cutter, 1000 PTO
1999 Bush Hog 2615L Rotary Cutter, 15'
Rhino SE8A Rotary Cutter, 8', Mounted
Rhino TX145 Groomin Mower, 14.5', Pull Type
2007 King Kutter FM72Y Grooming Mower,
     6' Cut, 3 pt Lift
Rhino DB150 Ditch Bank Mower, 60" Cut,
     3 pt Hitch
  Construction Equipment
       & Blades
Frontier PHD100 Post Hole Digger, 9" Bit
1997 Woods BH7500 Backhoe,
     Cat 1 Three Point Mounted. (Fits Compact
     Tractors 20-50 HP), PTO Hydpump,
     W/ 12" & 24" Bucket
2012 JD 333D Skid Steer Loader, 1670 hrs,
     CAH, Wide Track 60%, Self-Leveling
     High Flow, EH Performance Pkg.,
     Pwr. Attach., 84"HD Toothed Bucket
2011 JD 326D Skid Steer, CAH, Power Quick
     Tach-Eh Joystick Controls, 2 Spd,
     12x16.5 Gpx Tires, Air-High Flow Hyd-Air
     Ride Seat, Standard Fan, Backup Alarm,
     New Rem Motor With Aprox 350 Hrs,
     76" Bucket
2015 Bob Cat T770 Compact Track Loader,
     1023 Hrs, CAH, Radio, Kubota Diesel Engine,
     2 Spd, EH Selectable Hand Controls,
     Air Ride Seat, Power Quik-A-Tatch,
     18" Tracks
1997 NH LX885 Steer Loader 72" STD Bucket,
     Hand & Foot Controls, Manual Implement
     Latch, 12.5x16.5 Tires
Bob Cat 843B Skid Steer Loader, Foot Controls,
     66" Bucket
Coneqtec AP400 Cold Planer
Riteway CR-12FH Crimper Roller,
     12' Working Width, Pull Type,
     Large Steel Used On Only 50 Acres
2014 JD CT333E Compact Track Loader,
     808 Hrs, CAH, Air Seat, 2 Spd, 18" Tracks,
     84" Tooth Bucket
Case TR320 Skid Steer, 608 Hrs, CTL,
     Switchable H Pattern ISO Controls,
     OS w/ Rear Glass, Mech Seat, Self-Level Up,
     GP Bucket
NH C190 Skid Steer, 2594 Hrs, Foot Controls,
     Add on Cab, New Wide Tracks,
     Mechanical Adj Seat, Aux Hyd, 76" bucket
  Sprayers & Applicators
2005 Hardi NAV1100 Big Wheel Trailer Sprayer
     12.4-42 Tires, 1100 Gallon Capacity Tank,
     Hydraulic Drive Centrifugal Pump,
     HC2500 Controller, 60 Ft. Eagle HY SPB
     Boom, 20" Spacing, Hardi Yellow 110 Degree
     INJET Single Nozzles
Hardi CM750 Commander Sprayer, 60' Booms,
     Pull Type
2013 Demco HP500 Big Wheel Sprayer,
     500 Gallon, 45' Hydraulic Fold Booms,
     Triple Jet Nozzle Holders, Chemical Eductor,
     Fresh Water Tank, Foam Markers
  Forage Harvesters
       & Feed Equipment
2008 Jaylor 4575 Feed Mixer, Front Door,
     Right Hand Unload, 540 PTO
2010 Kuhn VXL150 Verti Maxx Mixer,
     500 Cubic Ft Capacity, Scales, Hay Ring,
     36" Discharge Conveyor,
     Right Hand Discharge, 540 PTO
2015 Kelly Ryan 5X12 Feed Wagon, 540 PTO,
     190 Bushel, Pintle Apron Chain,
     Roller Lift Chain, 50" Discharge Height,
     Leaf Spring Suspension, 16.1X16.5 Flotation
     Tires, Scales
2002 Artsway PM30 Grinder Mixer,
     8000 lb Capacity, 26" Hammer Mill,
     10' Dushcarge Auger, Drag Feed
  Truck & Trailer
2004 Peterbilt 330 Single Axle Truck,
     51117 Miles, 6 Spd Auto-Matic Trans.,
     8.3 Cummins 260 H.P., front bumper
     and roller, rear bumper, w/Jaylor 3575 Mixer,
     Single Screw, Precision Scales inside and
     remote scales on box
2001 Kentucky 53' Van Trailer, Milwaukee Legs,
     Maxon Lift Gate, 10' Barn Doors, Front Double
     Doors, 19.5 Low Pro Tires
  JD Gators & UTVs
2016 JD XUV825i Gator Special Edition,
     197 Hrs, Big Horn Yellow Alloys, Bench Seat,
     OPS w/ Nets, Roof
2013 JD XUV825i Gator, 1122 Hrs,
     Olive and Black PS, Gas, Property Care Pkg,
     Deluxe Cab, PS, Heat
2011 JD XUV825i Gator, 918 Hrs,
     Olive and Black, Gas, Front Brush Guard
2016 JD XUV625i Gators, 186 Hrs,
     Green and Yellow, Bucket Seats, DLX Bed,
     Overhead Protection System
2008 JD HPX Gator, 1516 Hrs
2016 Cub Cadet 500 Challenger UTV, 50 Hrs, Roof, Windshield
  Large Lot of Riding Mowers
Added 7-18-2018
enlarge enlarge enlarge
2013 JD S670 Combine, 1477/1005 Hrs, 4wd, 3 Spd. Trans, Hi-Torque Variable Spd. Feeder House,
     CM, Chopper
2012 JD 612C Corn Head
2009 JD 612C Corn Head
     The Following Items are consigned by
Area Farmers & Dealers

JD 6140M Tractor, MFWD, 3040 Hrs, 3 Outlets,
     460/85R38 Rear Tires, 380/85R-28 Front Tires
2007 JD 8430T Tractor, 5950 Hrs, 335 Hp
     New Batteries, No Oil Leaks, Good Tracks,
     Field Ready
JD 4755 Tractor, 5460 Hrs, QR, 3 SCVs,
     1000 PTO
JD 4455 Tractor, 7598 Hrs, 15 Spd, PS,
     480/80R38 Rear Tires, Triple Outlets
JD 6140M Tractor, MFWD, 3192 Hrs, 3 Outlets,
     460/85R38 Rear Tires, 380/85R2 Front Tires
JD 9430 Scraper Special Tractor, 7952 Hrs
2013 JD 6105 Tractor w/ H130 Loader, 92 Hrs
2009 6430 Tractor, 4030 Hrs, CAH, MFWD,
     New Rear Tires
JD B Tractor, New Tires, 6 Volt, Tear Drop Hitch,
     Runs Good
JD 5420 Tractor
JD 5100E Tractor
1967 MM G100 Vista, 5900 Miles,
     Runs and Drives Good
1969 JD 2520 Tractor, Original Paint, 5000 Hrs,
JD 7400 Tractor, 2WD, QA Bushhog Loader
1953 Jubilee Ford Tractor
JD 4250 Tractor, QR, QH, 3 Hyd Outlets,
     4211 Original Hrs, 2 Owner
JD 9300 Tractor, 3486 Hrs 4WD, 4 Hyd Outlets,
     PS, Differential Lock, 710/70R42 Duals,
CIH 305 Magnum Tractor, 3222 Hrs, MFWD
     W/Front Fenders, 18.4-46 Rear Rubber,
     4 Hyd Outets, Front Weights, Leather Seat
JD 9200 Tractor, 4wd, 4300 Hrs
JD 9320 Tractor, 4wd, 5000 Hrs
JD 6150R Tractor, MFWD, W/ Ldr "Warranty",
     2200 Hrs
Case 7140 Tractor, 2wd, 4612 Hrs
JD 4630 Tractor, QR, CAH, 6500 Hours
JD 4450 Tractor, MFWD, PS, 7500 Hrs
JD 8430 Tractor, PS, ILS, Front And Rear Duals,
     4800 Hrs,
JD 8285R Tractor, MRWD, PS, 3800 Hrs
2010 JD 8270R Tractor MFWD, PS, 3100 Hrs
JD 7710 Tractor, MFWD, Front Fenders,
     3 Hyd Outlets, Power Quad, 5817 Hrs
JD 4960 Tractor, MFWD W/Front Fenders, 3 Hyd,
     PS, 18.4-46 W/Duals, 4776 Hrs
JD 4555 Tractor, 2WD, QR, Duals, 9845 Hrs
JD 7800 Tractor, MFWD, Duals, PS, 8450 Hrs
CIH 9230 Tractor, 4WD, 3pt, PTO, 4529 Hours,
     Row Crop Special
Challenger 665B Tractor, MFWD,
     W/Front Fenders, CVT Transmission,
     4 Hyd Outlets, 4724 Hrs
JD 8310T Tractor, PS, 8230 Hrs
2012 NH T9.615HD Tractor, 710-42s, PS,
     4 Hyd Outlets, Leather Seat, 3550 Hrs
JD 9220 Tractor, 4WD, 3 Point, PTO,
     18.4-46 Rubber, PS, 4365 Hrs
NH T8.360 Tractor, MFWD w/Fenders,
     High -Flow Hyd Pump, 5 Hyd Outlets, PS,
     540/1000 PTO, Suspended Front Axle,
     Luxury Cab, 1250 Hrs
JD 7810 Tractor, MFWD w/Front Fenders,
     PQ, Duals, 3300 Hrs
JD 9400 Tractor, 4WD, PS, 6200 Hrs
Farmall Super M Tractor, Completely Restored,
     Excellent Cond, Single Outlet, PS, Shed Kept
JD 7700 Tractor, MFWD, PS, Duals, 5600 Hrs
JD 7510 MFWD, W/ JD 740 Loader, Duals, PQ,
     9000 Hrs
JD 6430, MFWD, W/ JD 673 Loader,
     16 Speed PQ, 4275 Hrs
MF 6475 Tractor, MFWD, CAH,
     W/ 960 Loader W/Bucket
2010 Landini Power Farm Tractor, CAH,
     MFWA, 1650 Hrs, w/ Westendorf Loader,
     Bale Spike and Joystick
JD 4850 Tractor, MFWA, 5700 Hrs, PS,
     New Cab Kit, Dual 85%
1946 JD A Tractor, New Starter, Runs Good
1975 AC 200 Tractor, Trans Works
1939 JD A Tractor, Hand Crank, Rear Steel,
     Good Paint
Case IH 1070 Tractor,
     1800 Hrs Complete Overhaul, Working AC
1940's Model Ferguson Tractor
Westendorf TA28 Loader, 7' Bucket
JD 4040 Tractor w/ Duals, 18.4x34 Tires
1972 JD 4320 Tractor, Less than 8000 Hrs,
     2nd Owner, 2 Hyd, Roll Bar, Canopy
MF 65 Tractor, Diesel, New Fuel Pump,
     New Paint, Rebuilt Inj. Pump
1980 IH 184 Cub Tractor, 4 Cyl Gas Engine,
     5' Belly Mower
2013 Case IH Magnum 225 CVT Tractor
     w/ Case IH 785 Loader, CAH, Luxury Cab,
     1540 Hrs, MFWD, Ext. Front Axle,
     Field Guidance Ready, Grapple Bucket
1952 Farmall Super C Tractor, MFWA,
     Rear Wts, 11.2x36 Tires
Int. 330 Tractor
1970 AC 180 Tractor
2012 JD 5101E Tractor w/ JD 260H Loader,
     700 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, Bucket
1954 Farmall Super H Tractor, Tricycle Front
AC D17 Series 4 Tractor, PS
JD 4430 Tractor, New Cab Wiring,
     New Air Compressor
AC WD Tractor, New Battery
1951 Farmall Super M Tractor, Tricycle Front,
     M&W Clutch
MF 2705 Tractor
1981 Ford TW10 Tractor w/ Loader, 7300 Hrs,
     110HP, CAH, 2wd
1950 AC WD Tractor
1981 Case IH 3488 Tractor, Hydro,
     Only 465 Made, SN#556
1981 Case IH 3688 Tractor, SN#924
Steiger ST251 Tractor, 4910 Hrs, 2 Owners,
     New Clutch, New AC System, 3pt,
     23.1x34 Duals
2007 Valtra M130 Tractor w/ Loader, SN#R41346
Case IH 1660 Combine, 6500 Hrs,
     New Motor at 5000 Hrs, 4x4, RWA, Rice Tires
MF 44 Tractor
1981 JD 4440, MFWD, 6980 Hrs,
     New Firestone Tires on Frt, 80%
     18.4x238 Rear Tires, New Turbo,
     AC Freon Converted, New Pins & Bushings
     in Frt Axle, New Hyd Lines,
     Underhaul 1732 Hrs Ago, New Seat,
     Tractor is Services and Ready to Work
JD 4720 Tractor, MFWD, 378.8 Hrs
2013 Case Magnum 225 CVT Tractor
     w/ Case 785 Loader, 102' Grapple Bucket
     Live 3rd Function, Guidance Ready,
     Suspended Front Axle, Suspended Cab,
     Leather, Radar
2005 Valtra M120 Tractor, SN#M44441
JD 2640 Tractor, 3164 Hrs, Brand New Firestone 18.4x30 Rear Tires, Like New Frt Tires
AC 8070 Tractor, MFWD, CAh,
     Converted to 8.3 Eng.
1990 Case IH 7140 Tractor, 9400 Hrs, CAH,
     PS, MFWD, 4 Remotes, Rear Duals,
     Full Set of Wts, 1000 PTO
Added 7-20-2018
JD 4960 Tractor, CAH, MFWD, 10,000 Hrs,
     18.4x42 New Rubber, Duals, 3 SCVs
Added 7-23-2018
Sterger KP-1300 Tractor, 4wd, 3pt Hitch, 8700 Hrs,
     Good Rubber
      & Fertilizer Applicators
1996 Bestway Pull Sprayer, 60' Hyd Cross Fold
     Booms, Hiniker Monitor, Hyd Pump,
     Foam Markers, Mixing Tank, Rinse Tank,
     1000 Gal Tank, Everything Works
Case IH NPX 5300 Anhydrous Ammonia 13 Knife
     N/T Applicator w/ Covering Discs,
     SN# JFH0048146
1998 AgCo 3440 Spray Coupe,
     Raven II Cruiser GPS
NH 9 Shank Applicator, 3pt
VMI Liquid Applicator, 16 Row, 1500 Gal Tank
Blu-Jet Liquid Applicator, 12 Row, 800 Gal Tank
Century Pull Type Sprayer, 500 Gal,
     40' Booms Foam Markers
Added 7-23-2018
2014 JD 4730 Sprayer, SS Tank, 1400 Hrs,
     90 Booms, Boomtrac
1996 JD 9400 Combine, Chopper/Spreader,
     Grain Tank, Ext. Unloader Auger,
     w/ 920 Grain Head
1987 MF 8560 Combine, Diesel
Gleanor A75 Combine, 1898/2861 Hrs
1976 JD 4400 Combine
1973 JD 3300 Combine
JD 8820 Combine
2000 Case IH 2366 Combine, 2876/2036 Hrs,
     Field Tracker, 4wd, Chopper
1993 Gleanor R62 Combine, New Feeder Chains,
     w/ 25' Grain Head (8 Row Corn Head)
1991 Case IH 1660 Combine, Unloading Auger,
     Rotor Rebuilt
Case IH 1680 Combine, New Eng.
2017 A75 Gleanor Combine, FieldStar II Monitor,
Added 7-15-2018
JD 9450 Combine, 3503/2363 hrs, chopper
Added 7-23-2018
Case IH 7120 Combine, 1800/1400 Hrs, 2wd,
     520/85R42 Duals, GPS, Yield & Moisture,
     Grain Tank Ext.
2013 8230 Case IH Combine, 1560/919 Hrs, 4wd,
     Long Auger, Field Tracker, Duals, Power Hopper,
JD 9610 Combine, 3990/2600 Hrs, Chopper
     w/ Spreader, Duals
JD 9610 Combine, 4100/280 Hrs, Chopper
     w/ Spreader, Duals
  Heads, Platforms,
       & Head Movers
2012 JD 635F
2017 JD 635FD, Flex Draper
2015 MacDon FD75 Head, 40', Double Drive
     Case IH Hook-ups, Low Acres
2015 JD 612C
1990 JD 920F
1997 JD 930F, Full Finger Auger
1995 JD 925, Poly Dividers
JD 920
JD 643, Rebuilt
2011 Case IH 3408 Corn Head, 8 Row
2009 JD 635F
1988 JD 620F
2012 JD 630F
2001 JD 930F
2009 JD 612C Stalkmaster
2008 JD 612C W/ Calmer High Residue
     Management Knife Rolls
2012 Cih 2162, 40' Flex Draper Head
2014 Gleaner 9250, 35', Draper Head
2012 Gleaner 9250, 25', Draper Head
MF 863 Cornhead
Case IH 1020 Cornhead, 20', SN#JJB0092598
2008 Gleanor 8200 Platform, 30'
Case IH 2020 Platform
2010 MF 8200 Platform, 35'
Gleanor 800 Platform, 30'
Industrias America Header Trailer, 20'
JD 915 Platform
2011 Case IH 2162 Draper Head, 40',
     Flip Over Reel
JD 343 Cornhead
JD 930F Flexhead
Stud King Header Trailer
JD 922 Grain Platform
Case IH 3408 Cornhead, 8 Row
EZ Trail Head Mover
Case IH 1020 Platform, 30'
Gleaner 330 Corn Header
(2) Header Wagon, 20'
Case IH 1063 Corn Head, 6 Row
Case IH 1020 Grainhead w/ Cart, 20'
NH 98C Corn Head, 6 Row, Hyd Plates
     (for TR or CR Combine)
Added 7-15-2018
2003 JD 920F, full finger
Added 7-23-2018
2002 JD 925F Platform, Full Finger
1997 JD 925 Platform, Poly Divider
  Tillage Equipment
Tiller, 6', 3 pt, Pull Behind for Tractor
Kewanee 1020 Disk, 20', 9" spacing,
     Like New Tires, Shed Kept
JD 400 30' Folding Rotary Hoe
2010 Case 330 Turbo Till, 25', New Tires & Bearings
Int. 4 Bottom Semi Mounted Plow
Taylor-Way Disk, 18' w/ 8" Spacing,
     Wheels on Wings
Landoll Model 1550 3-Point Five Shank Ripper,
     New Knives and Used On Very Few Acres
     (Like New)
JD 960 Field Cultivator, 26 ',
     3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow
2012 JD 2210 34.5', C Shank, Single Point,
     5 Bar Spike Harrow
JD 2200 56', C Shank, 3 Bar Coil Tine
JD 960 28' Field Cultivator w/Harrow
JD 1350 4 Bottom Adjustable Plow
Case IH 4 Bottom Plow, Hyd
Oliver 3 Bottom Plow, Hyd
IH 475 Disk, 18' Hyd Fold
Frontier Disk, 3pt, 8'
JD 913 2x12 Plow
JD 414 Pull Type Plow, Good Cond.
Buffalo Row Crop Cultivator, 8/30
Befco 20-GRT-58 Overseeder
Kewanee Cultimulcher, 24', Flat Fold
Added 7-20-2018
2014 JD 2100 Inline Ripper (200 Acres)
  Planters & Drills
Int. 56 Planter, 4/30
JD 7000 Planter, 6 Row, N/T Coulters, Corn Meters
JD 1780 Planter, 8/15, Loaded
Kinze 3600 Planter, 16/31, Corn/Bean Meters,
     KPM Monitor
1999 JD 1780 9/11, Planter, Monitor,
     Hyd. Down Pressure, N/T Coulters,
     2 Sets of Corn Meters & 1 Set of Bean Meters
JD 7000 Planter, 6 Row, Liquid Fertilizer
JD 1560 Drill, 2pt, N/T
JD 1590 Drill, 15', Grass Seed
1999 JD 1780 Planter, 9/11, Monitor,
     Hyd. Down Pressure, N/T Coulters,
     2 Sets Of Corn Meters
     and 1 Set of Bean Meters
Case IH 5100 Grain Drill
1996 Great Plains 1500 Drill
JD 290 Planter
Added 7-20-2018
Great Plains 24 N/T Drill
White 6182 Planter, 12 Row Planter,
      Liquid Fertilizer, Insecticide
  Livestock Equipment
Power River Squeeze Chute
Hog Cart, 14'
2012 Silencer Ranchhand Extended Hydraulic
     Chute, w/ Hyd Pump, SN#10662
Cattle Loading Chute
(35) Stainless Hog Feeders (42"Lx36"Tx27"W)
(27) Stainless Hog Feeders (56"Lx35"Tx24"W)
New Tarter Head Chute
10' Feed Bunks

  Rotary Cutters
Kuhn 10' Disc Mower
JD CX20 Rotary Cutter, 20'
(2) New Landpride RCR 1260 Rotary Cutters
Vermeer Discbine
Krause 4906A Hyd Fold Disc, 18' 9" Spacing
Case IH 3950 Disc, 23',
     w/ 4 Bar Remlinger Harrow
Vermeer 7030 Disc Mower
Landpride Commander RCM5015 Rotary Cutter,
     1000 PTO, Very Little Use
Howse 10' Brush Hog, 3 pt
Int. 490 Hyd Fold Disc, Good Blades & Bearings,
     18' 9" Spacing
Bush Hog 12720 w/ Walking Tandems,
     Dual on Wings
Wood HD 315 Rotary Cutter, 15', 1000 PTO
Claas Disco 3050 Plus Disc Mower, 10' Cut,
     Rebuilt Last Season
JD Drawbar Sickle Mower
Bush Hog Legend 2615, 15' Batwing
Owatonna MoCo, 9' Cut
Frontier GM 2072 Finish Mower
JD MX6 Mower
NH 463 Disc Mower
Vermeer 7040 Disc Mower,
     Mowed Less Than 300 Acres, 9'3" Cut
NH 489 MoCo
Bush Hog 2425 QA Loader

  Hay Equipment
Bush Hog Rotary Cutter, 10', 540 PTO, 3 pt
NH 489 Haybine
NH Square Baler
JD 460R Baler
Pasture Harrow, 24'
Durabilt 931 Wheel Rake, 10 Wheel
Case IH 8465A Round Baler
Owatonna Grinder Mixer
JD 535 Round Baler
Pasture Harrow, 30'
Aerway Pasture Harrow, 15'
Harrowgator, 16'
New Idea 4217 Hay Tedder
MF 37, 5 bar side delivery hay rake
JD 10' Spring Tooth Harrow
Harley T-6 Power Rake, 3 pt, PTO
Vermeer WRV10 Rake
JD 24T Square Baler
NH 7090 Round Baler
  Forage & Feed Equipment
2015 JD 7380 Forage Harvestor, Pro Drive Trans,
     4wd, 18.4-42 duals, 413/243
NH chopper w/824 Head & 790w Hay Head
Int. 720 Chopper, 2 Row, 30" Electric Controls
Richardton 1400 Silage Dump Wagon, Good Cond.
Electric Feeder for Four Wheeler
Blow Hard Bunk Blower, 1000 PTO, 3pt
JD 410 Feed Wagon
JD 700 Feed Grinder w/ Scale
  Material & Grain Handling
Kuhn 8118 Manure Spreader, 1000 RPM,
     Side Discharge
Lowry 75 Bushel Grain Pit w/ 2-10" Augers
Westfield MK 130-71 Plus Grain Auger, 13", 71',
     Low Useage
Westfield MK 80-61 Auger
JD 54 Spreader, 1000 PTO
Kuhn Knight 8030 Spreader
Kuhn Knight 8132 Spreader
400 Bushel Grain Cart
Park Gravity Box
Case IH 575 Manure Spreader
GSI 510C Continuous Flow Grain Dryer
DMI Big Little Gravity Box, 375 Bu
Demco 550 Grain Cart, Shur-Lok Roll Tarp
     And Scales, Very Good Condition,
     Small 1000 PTO
Brent 780 Grain Cart
JD 68 Auger Wagon
JD 500 Grain Cart
(2) Killbros 475 Grain Carts, Shurlock Tarps, Diamond Tread Tires
EZ Trail 500 Grain Cart
Kory Gravity Flow Box on Kory 6072 Box
     w/ Hyd Auger
Gleaner 12' Grain Table w/ Reel
Parker 500 Grain Cart
JD 780 Manure Spreader
Brock Super-Air Pneumatic Grain Blower/Air Lock,
     40 HP
Sudengda 12"x82' Sweep Away Auger
Westfield Hyd. Hopper Mover
Grain-O-Vator Auger Wagon w/ Hyd Lift
J&M 750 Grain Cart
Brent 1084 Grain Cart, Hyd Spout Adjust, Tarp
Added 7-20-2018
A&L F705 Grain Cart, 750 Bu, 24 Ply Logger Tires
  Trucks & Cars
2006 Kenworth W900L, Cat Powered,
     1850 Torque 13 Spd, Midnight Blue, 473 HP,
     72" Raise Roof, 1,258,753 Miles
2008 Ford F350 Truck, Diesel, W/ Bale Bed,
     160,000 Miles, One Owner, Good Shape
1985 Int. 2275 Grain Truck, Twin Screw w/ Reiten,
     18' Aluminum Grain Bed, 290 Cummins,
     9 Spd.
2006 GMC 1500 SLE, Crew Cab, 4WD
     w/Z71 package, 157,300 miles
1962 Ford F600 Truck w/ Bed Hoist
Chevy C50 2 Ton Grain Truck, Mostly Stored
     in Shed, Excellent Con
2002 Ford Reg. Cab, 4x4, 180,000 Miles
2000 Honda Civic
2003 Ford F450 Truck, 6.0, 270,000 Miles,
     New Radiator
1979 Kenworth Tandem Dump Truck, 16' Bed
2007 Volvo Road Tractor 12L, 455h, 10 Spd,
     Auto Trans, 680,000 Miles, Day Cab,
     Tires 85%
1997 Chevy C7500 Single Axle Truck, w/ 18' Bed,
     Chevy 427 Gas Engine, Hyd. Brakes,
     5&2 Trans. PS, 20' Omaha Standard
     Grain Bed w/ Twin Cyl. Scissors Hoist
2006 Ford F550 Super Duty, Lariat Crew Cab,
     Diesel, 12' B&W Flatbed, 180,000 Miles
1992 Intl Dump Truck, 6x4, 325,000 Miles,
     466 CI, In-Line 6 Cyl, 8 Spd. Trans,
     Air Locking, Tandem Rear Axle, PS,PB,AC,
     AM/FM, New Rubber, Bed Tarp,
     Needs Tarp Motor, New Batteries
1972 Chevy Dump Truck
1968 Ford F350 Truck, 2wd, Dually, 4 spd Trans,
     Gas, 67,801 Miles, 9' Comb. Knaphiede Bed
1984 Ford LTL 9000 Conv. Road Tractor,
     350 Cummins, 9 Spd. Trans. Hyd. Wet Kit,
     Full Twinscrew, Spring Suspension,
     36" Sleeper, Air Slide Fifth Wheel
1994 Ford F150 Truck, Reg. Cab. Short Bed,
     5 spd, 2wd, 100,000 Miles
1999 Ford Explorer, AWD, 200,000 Miles
1974 Chevy C60 Grain Truck, 16' Grain Bed,
     Like New Row Over Tarp
1997 Mack Truck, BJM Bed, 16',
1994 Ford L8000 Grain Truck, 8.3 Cummins Eng.
     Eaton 8 Spd., LL Trans, Hyd End Gate,
     Twin Hoist Bed, 233,000 Miles,
     6000 Plus Capacity Bed
1975 Chevy C60 Grain Truck w/ Tag Axle,
     13' Bed, 366 Eng, 5&2 Trans
1995 Ford Ranger Pick-Up Truck, 4wd
2006 Chevy Silverado XLT, Ton  4x4,
     247,000 Miles
1989 Freightliner, Cummins N-14 Engine,
     13 Spd, Conv. Spring Ride, Tandem Axle
     15' Steel Hyd. Dump Bed, Good Tires
  Trailers, Camper & Boat
1996 Hull Tilt Trailer
2006 Merritt Hopper Bottom Trailer, 40',
     Almost New Tires, Farmer Owned, 50,000 Miles
Contrail Dove Tail Trailer, Tandem Axle, 20',
Gooseneck Livestock Trailer, 20'
1977 Hyster Low Boy, 25 Ton, Good Con.,
     Stair Deck
Wood Flare Box Hunting Wagon
Lowboy Implement Trailer, 24 Ton
1969 Wisconsin 21' Flat Bed Trailer
     W/ 5' Dove Tail, 18 Ton, Tandem Axle Tilt,
     Dual Wheel, Pendle Hitch, Air Brakes
Hilsboro Gooseneck Flatbed Trailer, 25', Dovetail
1987 Wilson 50' X 102" Livestock Trailer,
     Very Good Condition, Farmer Owned,
     Not Used Very Much. Fifth Wheel Has Been
     Replaced, New Wheel Bearings, Seals
     and Brake Shoes
1991 PaceSetter Hopper Bottom Trailer
Car Hauler Trailer, 20'
Timpte Trailer, 42'
2015 Trailerman Trailer, 40', 3 Flip Up Ramps,
     Tandem Duals, 12000lb Axle, Tandem Dual,
     Electric Over Hyd Break
1996 Merritt Trailer, 43', Swing Auger
16' Bumper Hitch Flat Bed Tandem Axle Trailer
1995 Timpte Grain Trailer, 42',
Gooseneck Trailer, 25'
Wheeler 13' Tandem Axle, Hyd. Dump Pup Trailer
     w/ Spring Suspension, Air Brakes
2001 Sierra Camper, 5th Wheel
     w/ One Slide Out, 29'
CMC End Dump, 37', New Rebuilt Suspension,
     Like New Tires
1997 Wilson Hopper Trailer
1969 Mark Twain Fishing/Ski Boat, 19',
     w/ 360 Inboard Motor & Trailer
  Construction Equipment
       & Blades
Concrete Forms, Varies Sizes (2'x4, 2x6', 1'x6)
JD Blade
2015 Gehl R220 Skid Loader, 255 Hrs
Rhino Blade, 10'
Notch 10' Large Volume Loader Bucket (Brand New)
1999 JD 6675 Skid Steer, 529 Hrs, CAH,
     New Module Display, Hand and Foot Controls,
     84" Smooth Clam Bucket, QA, Frt. Hyd.,
     SN# MO6675X025923
Case IH 580K Backhoe, 7818 Hrs, CAH,
     Reg. Stick, Wobble Stick Cont.,
     Clam Shell Frt. Bucket
JD 310B Backhoe, ROPS, Open Station,
     Reg. Stick, 80% on Rear Tires
2014 JD 333D Skid Steer, 700 Act. Hrs, Diesel,
     Track Machine, CAH, Hyd. QA Bucket
2004 Komatsu PC 220-LC Track Hoe, 8400 Hrs,
     New Parts, Good Con.
Bobcat 773 Skid Steer, No Hour Meter
Garfield 850 Dirt Scope, New Used Aircraft Tire,
     New Cutting Edges
1998 Kobelco SK200LC Mark IV Track Hoe,
     Approx. 200 Hrs
New Stout Brush Grapple 78-8 w/ QA
New Stout Brush Grapple XHD 84-6 w/ QA
New Stout Rock Bucket Grapple 72-3 w QA
New Stout Grapple Attachment Add On
New Stout Walk Thru Pallet Forks 48", QA
Cat TC30 Forklift, 3000lb, 3 Stage Lift, Propane
Hyster Forklift, 6000lb, 2 Stage Lift, Propane
AC 6C Hyd. Lift, OS
Cat 955 Hyd. Lift, OS, Canopy, 75% Undercarriage
Bobcat 453 Skid Steer, 958 Hrs
Cat 930 Loader, Rubber Tires, CAH
Case IH 1845C Skid Steer,
     New Bucket & Pallet Forks
Huber Road Grader, 12' Hyd. Blade w/ Scarifier,
     Cummins Diesel Motor, Cab, DV-210386, PS,
     Good Tires
Added 7-20-2018
1990 Fiat Allis FB14E Dozer, Good Undercarriage,
     CAH, 10 Semi U Blade w/ Hyd Tilt,
     New Cutting Edges, Does Not Use Oil
  Lawn & Garden Equipment,
       ATVs & Golf Carts
2013 Cub Cadet LZ60 Zero-Turn Mower,
     60" Deck, 430 Hrs
Bobcat 3650 UTV
JD Gator 6X4
2005 Honda Big Red UTV, 5500 Miles, Camo
Yard Sport 400 ATV
Honda 300 Fourtrax
Hustler Mini Z Commercial Lawn Mower
Gooseneck Livestock Trailer, 20'
Kawasaki 2510 Mule, w/ Roof and Windshield,
     Bench Seat, 4WD
Grasshopper 725 Lawn Mower, Zero Turn,
     50" Deck, Gas
2010 Tomberline E-Merge2LE Golf Car,
2006 Polaris Ranger 700 UTV, 980 Hrs, Full Cab,
     2nd Owner, Bench Seat, 4wd
Polaris 800 Ranger UTV, 800 Hrs, 4x4,
     Bench Seat, Roof & Windshield, PS
  Miscellaneous Items
(8) JD Suitcase Weights, 100lb
Homemade Wagon Box on Rubber Tires,
     Running Gear
Chain-link Dog Pen Panels
Front Attachment Tree Shear
Farmhand Loader, JD Brackets for 3010/3020
18.4 x 38 Clamp On Duals
Water Pump, 7500 Gal, 540 PTO,
     w/ 2-50' Discharge Hoses
Radiator for Peterbilt 379
18.4x38 Rims & Spacers for JD Combine
Pallet Forks for Loader
Danuser Post Hole Digger/Augers, 3pt, PTO
Ton Ford Bed Trailer
500 Gal. Diesel Tank w/ Working Pump
4000 Watt Gas Generator
(4) 18.4 x 38 Tires
Shaff Spreader off JD 7720 Combine
Air Compressor, Gas, 5HP
Farmland XL1140 Loader
(2) Shizzers Blue Flame Fan/Heater, 30 HP, LP

Added 7-15-2018

Added 7-20-2018
Consignment from
The Lewis Family of Fulton, MO

They are renting their farmland and will be selling the following.
  Combine, Header, Platform, Trailers  
2006 JD 9660 STS Combine, 1285/1794 Hrs, 4wd, CM, 1250 45 X 32 Frt. Tires,
     28.L X 26 Rear Tires, Chopper
2006 JD 893 Corn Header, Contour Master, Manual Deck Plates
2006 JD 630F Grain Platform
Head Hauler Header Wagon
Lundell Header Wagon
2009 JD 8330 Tractor, CAH, MFWD, 1550 Hrs, ILS, PS, 4 Hyds., Frt. & Rear Weights,
     Quick Hitch, 480 /80/ 50 Rear Tires, Duals, 380/ 80/ 38 Frt. Tires, Duals
2000 JD 7810 Tractor, 4309 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, Frt. Fenders, Cab, Air, Triple Hyds.,
     Frt. Weights, Weights, 16 Spd. PQ, Right Hand Shuttle Shift, Hub Duals,
     480/80R 42 Rear Tires
1998 JD 7410 Tractor, 3621 Hrs, 2WD, CAH, Power Quad, 3 Hyds., QH, Frt. Weights,
     18.4 X 38 Tires W/ Hub Duals
1982 JD 4440 Tractor, 7735 Hrs, CAH, Dual Hyds., QH, QR Trans., Weights,
     Good 18.4 X 38 Tires W/ Hub Duals
  Farm Equipment  
Kinze 3500 Interplant 8/15 Planter, No-Tilt Coulter, Hyd. Markers
JD 1560 -15' N/T Drill, 2 Pt. Hitch, Yetter Hyd. Markers
Krause 3 Pt. 12 Shank Chisel Plow W/ Hyd. Adjust Gauge Wheels
JD 1610, 14 Shank 3 Pt. Chisel Plow W/ Gauge Wheels
Kewanee 295 - 9 Shank Disc Chisel, Cushion Shank
Landoll 3 Pt. 7 Shank Ripper W/ Gauge Wheels
Case IH 330 Turbo - 28' True Tandem Turbo Till W/ Rolling Basket
JD 630 - 24' Hyd. Fold Disc W/ 3 Bar Coil Tine Spring Tooth Harrow
JD 400 - 15', 3 Pt. Rotary Hoe
JD 3 Pt. Swivel Blade W/ 8' Moldboard
JD EP014 Row Crop Cultivator, 3 Pt. 8 Row, Danish Tine
Dunham Lehr 20' Fold-Up Drag Harrow On Cart
Kent V16 - 24' Disk-O-Vator W/ 5 Bar Spike Tooth Harrow
Kewanee 15' Mulcher
(2) JD 1450 - 5 Bottom 18" Plow, Cover Boards & Coulters
Killbros 350 Gravity Flo Grain Bed On 8 Ton Running Gear
     W/ J & M Side Mtd. Hyd. Drive Auger
Killbros 385 Gravity Flo Wagon W/ Tip Tops On A Killbros 12 Ton Running Gear
     W/ Telescopic Tongue, 10:00 X 20 Tires
(2) DMI Big Little 400 Gravity Flo Wagon On 10 Ton Gear W/ Telescopic Tongue,
     Flotation Tires
Bradford 225 Gravity Flo Wagon, Tip Tops, On Kory 8 Ton Running Gear
Killbros 350 Gravity Flo Wagon, Tip Tops, On Killbros 8 Ton Running Gear
Killbros 385 Bu. Gravity Flo Grain Bed On A Single Axle Gooseneck Trailer
Killbros 1400 Grain Cart, Roll-On Tarp, 1000 RPM
JD 68 Single Axle Auger Wagon
Metal Barge Bed Wagon W/ Hoist On JD Running Gear
Westfield MKX 100-63 Grain Auger W/ Swing Around Hopper, Bottom Drive
Westfield WR 80-31 Grain Auger, 7 1/2 Hp , 220v Electric Motor
Westfield WR 100 X 31 PTO Drive Grain Auger
Hi Cap 48" X 8' Seed Cleaner W/ Electric Motor & Auger
End Gate Seeder Mounted On Small Two Wheel Trailer
JD 606 - 6' 3 Pt. Rotary Cutter
NH 575 Square Hay Baler, Super Pickup & PTO Jack Shaft
Hughes Bros. 30' Steel Flat Bed Tandem Axle Trailers, Single Tire, Gooseneck W/ Upper Deck,
     Spring Suspension
1997 Starlite 30 Flat Bed W/ Wooden Floor, Tandem Dually W/ Spring Suspension,
     Dove Tail & Pop Ups & Ramps
All of the above is extremely well maintained and always shedded.
Consignment from the
Farm Retirement of Edmond Brothers
of Curryville, MO

2005 Gleaner R55 Combine 4WD, Lateral Tilt, Chopper, YM, 2540/1896, 2 Owner
2005 Gleaner 8000 Series 25' Platform
2004 Gleaner 3000 Series 6-30" Corn head
EZ trail 25' Header Hauler
AC 185 Tractor w/ 800 Workmaster Loader
IH 956 Tractor, OS
AC D-21 Series II Tractor
UFT Graincart
JD 7000 Conservation Planter, 6-30" N/T
Oliver 6 Bottom Plow
1979 Chevrolet C-70 Grain Truck, Single Axle
Westfield Truck Auger
Consignment from
Rick Johnson of Hermann, MO
2017 JD 5085 Tractor, MFWS, CAH, Left Hand Shuttle
2017 JD 260 Loader
3 Pt. Adapter for Skid Steer
JD HD 45 Pallet Fork For Skid Steer
JD BH9 Backhoe w/ Hyd. Outriggers for Skid Steer
Horst SE5049 Big Bale Spear For Skid Steer
JD 559 Big Round Hay Baler, 540 PTO, Wide Pickup, Baled Less Than 200 Bales, Net Wrap
H & S Hay Wagon W/ Dolly Wheel for 6 Big Bales
JD 630 Flail Conditioner
JD WR1010 Hay Rake
Consignment from
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kemner, of Sturgeon,MO
Mr. and Mrs. Kemner have retired from row crop farming and cattle operations.
This is a very clean line of quality farm machinery.
2001 JD 8110 Tractor, 2965 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, 480/46 Rear Tires w/ Duals,
     420/90/R30 Frt Tires, Green Star Ready
2006 JD 8330 Tractor, 4982 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, 18.4x46 Rear Tires w/ Duals, 540/1000 PTO
  Combines, Heads & Head Movers  
2001 JD 9650 STS Combine, CM Long Auger, 2600 Display, 18.4x42 Frt. Tires w/ Duals,
     28Lx26 Rear Tires, Chopper, 4wd
2002 JD 925F Platform, Full Finger Auger
Unverferth Header Trailer, 25'
  Tillage, Planting & Seeding Equipment  
Kinze 3500 8/15 Planter, N/T, 1 bu Boxes, KPM II Monitor, Corn, Milo, Bean Markers
JD 1560 Drill, N/T, 2 pt, 20', 7" Spacing, Markers
2006 JD 2210 Field Cultivator, 24.5' Single point Depth Control, 3 Bar Coil Tine Harrow,
     w/ Round Bin Rolling Basket
Great Plains 1800TM Turbo Max, 18', 7.5" Spacing, Hyd Fold
  Hay Equipment  
JD 926 MoCo, 540 PTO, Rubber Rolls
JD 567 Baler, Mega Wide, Cover, Net Wrap
JD 702 Hay Rake, 8 Wheel
JD 347 Square Baler
  Grain Handling Equipment  
1995 Ford Aero-Max 9000 Truck, Twin Screw, Track w/ Excellent OBE-CO 20' Bed,
     60 Series Detroit Engine, 10 Spd
Kill-Bros 350 Gravity Flow Wagon w/ Sundega Belt Conveyor
Kill-Bros 350 Gravity Flow Wagon w/ Drill Fill Auger
Kill-Bros 690 Grain Cart, 24.5x32 Tires, 1000 PTO, Tarp & Scales
Consignment from the
Complete sell out from Larry and Cheryl Webb
of Elsberry, MO

Having discontinued their hay and cattle operations, we will be selling the following.
2008 JD 6430 Premium Tractor w/ JD 673 S/L Loader, 2472 Hrs, MFWD, CAH, IVT Trans,
     Frt Suspension, Joystick, Refrigerator, Blue Tooth, Cab Suspension
2003 JD 7420 Tractor w/ JD 741 S/L Loader, 3080 Hrs, CAH, MFWD, Deluxe Cab, Joystick,
     3 Remotes
JD 4250 Tractor, Showing 2751 Hrs, PQ Trans, CAH
20017 JD 569 Baler, Mega-Wide Plus, Cover Edge Surface Wrap, Big Tires, 228 Actual Bales
JD 925 MoCo
JD 275 Disk Mower
NH HT154 12 Wheel Rake w/ Kicker
Cutter Caddy for JD 275 Disk Mower
Consignment from
Mr. & Mrs. Chuck Cochran
of Williamsburg, MO

They will be moving to Columbia, MO & no longer have need for the following.
2013 JD 6105D Tractor w/ JD H310 Loader, CAH, MFWD, Buddy Seat, Dual Hyd, 90.3 Hrs,
     Same as New
Cat 941B Crawler High Lift, 5 Shank Ripper, Brush Sweep, A-I Cond.
Frontier KB-2308 Rear Blade
Frontier BC-1072 6' Brush Cutter
Bush Hog 13210 Rotary Cutter, 3pt, HD, 10', w/ Lift Assist
DR Field Brush Mower w/ Snow Blower
Many other outdoor farm related items
Consignment from
Gene Cunningham of Columbia, MO
2002 Case IH MX110 Tractor, 4165 Hrs, 2WD, CAH, Triple Hyds., Weights, Left Hand Shuttle
MF 1839 In-Line Square Hay Baler w/ Hyd. Tension, Flotation Tires, Hyd. Lift on Hay Feeder,
     Used Very Little
Vermeer 1030 Hydro Swing, 13' 2" Cut, Steel Roller Condition, Light Kit, Clip on Blades,
     2 pt. Hitch, Cab Control, Used Very Little
Vermeer R24A Twinrake, Twin Bar Rake, 6 Bar, Hyd. Drive, Hyd. Lift, Hyd. Fold,
     Hyd. Shut-Off on 1 side, Cab Control, Used Very Little
Consignment from
Local Farmer
2017 JD 9470R Tractor, 400 Hrs, 4wd, Diff Locks, 5 Hyd Outlets, PTO, 710-42 Rubber
2018 JD 630F, New
2018 JD 708C, New
2017 JD 323E, 720 Hrs, Joystick Controls, JD Bucket, Quick-Tach
2017 JD 2210 Field Cultivator, C shank, tine harrow with rolling baskets, single point 48'
2016 JD2623VT, 41'
2008 Doyle Dry Tender Trailer, 24 Ton Capacity, 3 Compartment, Side Discharge Auger,
     Tarp, JD Diesel Engine
2006 Doyle Dry Tender Trailer, 24 Ton Capacity, 3 Compartment, Side Discharge Auger,
     Tarp, JD Diesel Engine
  Auctioneer's Note  
Due to tractors, combines, and all other equipment being mixed together in line, we CANNOT designate a time when a certain item will sell.   
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Wheeler Auctions at 660-327-5890
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