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Kilmer Farm Equipment Consignment Auction, Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 10:00 AM, Versailles, MO
 Auction Location 
14769 Cattle Ln.
Versailles, MO  65084
At the Intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Lane then turn Right ( East)
and go mile to Sale Site.
 2 Rings may run day of sale.
Please note that this sale bill is subject to additions
& deletions due to daily business.
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Farm & Construction Equipment


2009 JD 6430 Premium Tractor
     w/ 673 SL Loader, MFWD, 7600 Hrs,
      16 spd PQ, 540/1000 PTO,
      Triple Remotes
2013 NH T4.105 Tractor w/ Loader, MFWD,
      685 Hrs, 12/12 Partial PS, Dual Remote
1976 IH 1066 Black Stripe, Dual PTO,
      18.4x38 Tires
1982 JD 4440, 9892 Hrs, CAH, Dual SCV's,
      Dual PTO, QR Trans.
2009 JD 5075M Tractor w/ JD 563 SL Loader,
      4x4, 12x12, Pwr Reverser Trans.,
      Dual SCV's, Economy PTO
2010 JD 5065E Tractor w/ JD 512 Loader,
      1812 Hrs, Duals SCV's, 9F x 3R Trans
1979 JD 4240 Tractor, 7126 Hrs, CAH,
      3 SCV's, Dual PTO, QR Trans.
1971 JD 2520 Tractor, 4935 Hrs, 1 SCV's,
      Dual PTO, New Rear Tires, Gas, Clean
1980 JD 2940 Tractor, 8011 Hrs, 2wd, Open,
      Hilo Trans, Dual SCV's, Dual PTO
1975 JD 4430 Tractor, 5325 Hrs, CAH,
      QR Trans, Dual SCV's, Dual PTO
2014 JD 5075E Tractor, Only 47 Hrs, 2wd,
      Open, 1 SCV, 9F x 3R Trans.
1957 JD 520 Tractor, New Rear Tires,
      Aftermarket, 3 pt
Ford TW20 Tractor w/ Westondorf Loader,
      CAH, 4x4
MF 165 Tractor, Diesel, 1 SCV
2013 NH Workmaster 40 Tractor
      w/ NH110TL Loader, 43 Hrs, 3 spd Hydro,
      4x4, Skid Steer QT Bucket, Like New
1971 JD 4020 Tractor,
      Approx. 2500 Hrs since Eng. Overhaul,
      Side Console, Dual Hyd, Dual PTO,
      Rear Weights, Good Condition
JD 730 Tractor, Diesel, Electric Start,
      Roll-A-Matic, NF, Row Crop, Runs Good
JD 5410 Tractor w/ Loader, 6315 Hrs, 4x4,
      16x16 Pwr Reverser Trans.
Ford 5000 Tractor, Diesel, 3 pt., PTO,
      1 SCV, PS
1969 JD 4020 Tractor, Side Console, Diesel
JD 4240 Tractor, CAH, PQ Trans. Nice Tractor
MF 35 Tractor, Diesel, PS
MF 135 Tractor, Diesel
MF 690 Tractor w/ Loader, CAH, 4x4
1997 MF 4243 Tractor, CAH, 3201 Hrs,
      Dual SCV's, 12Fx4R Trans
JD 4210 Compact Tractor, 3407 Hrs, 4x4,
      3 pt, 540 PTO, 9Fx3R Syoncro Trans.
JD 6140M Tractor, MFWD, 2900 Hrs, CAH
added 2-16-2018
JD 2020 Tractor, Gas, 3 pt. PTO
JD 6100D Tractor w/ Loader, 4x4, Canopy,
     9x9 Pwr Reverser
NH TS6.120 Tractor, 4X4, Canopy

 Combines, Heads
      & Header Trailers

JD 9770 Combine, 2257/1650 Hrs, 4wd, CM,
      Front Duals, Chopper
1998 JD 9410 Combine, 3606/2505 Hrs,
      4x4, Vittetoe Chaff Spreader
1989 JD 9500 Combine, 3981/2655 Hrs, 4x4
1995 Gleanor R62 Combine, 4669/2822 Hrs,
      4x4, Deutz V8 Engine
(3) MF 750 Combine, 2wd, Diesel
JD 3300 Combine, Diesel. New Injectors
JD 213 Flex Head, S.S. Bottom, Black Reel
JD 643 Cornhead, 6 RN, High Tin
MF 1163 Cornhead, 6 RN
MF 1859 Head, Rigid, 24', w/ Header Trailer
MF 1859 Head, Rigid, 22', w/ Header Trailer
MF 1859 Flexhead, 20', w/ Header Trailer
JD 643 Cornhead, 6 RN, Low Tin
JD 220 Flexhead, 20'
JD 920 Flexhead, 20'
Case IH 2388 Combine, 4wd
New IA 430 Header Trailer, 30' w/ Dolly Wheels
JD 30 Pull Type Combine, Works Good,
JD 30 Pull Type Combine, For Parts
NHTR86 Combine, 4463/3027 Hrs,
      Prw Reverser Feeder, Rock Trap, Contour
JD 216 Flexhead
IH 1440 Combine, 2740 Hrs,
      Grain Loss Mon., Auto Header Control
Case IH 1020 Flexhead, 17.5'
JD 915 Flexhead, Contour Master
JD 693 Cornhead

 Planters & Sprayers

JD 1750 Planter, 6 Row, 30", w/ 150 Monitor,
      N/T coulters, HD Down Pressure,
      Corn Meters, Soybean Brush Meters,
      Milo Cups, 3 Bu Box's, 1 Owner,
      Very Nice, Always Shedded
Buffalo 4 Row Planter, 3pt.
JD 7000 Planter, 4 RW, N/T
Holland 2 Row Transplanter
JD 7000 6RN Planter, Corn Meters,
      Brush Meters, Newer Monitor
JD 7000 4RN Planter, w/Monitor,
      Corn Meters, Brush Meters
Brillion SSLF7-120 Seeder, Pull Type,
      10' Wide
Brillion Seeder, 8', Pull Type
JD B Grain Drill, 16 Hole, w/Grass Seeder
Gearmore 100 Gallon Orchard Sprayer
Clark 500 Gallon Sprayer, S.S. Tank,
      Tandem Axle, Foam Marker
NI 6100 4RW Planter, N/T, Dry Ferto
JD 7000 6RN Planter
IH 900 6RN Planter
JD 7200 6x30" Conservation Planter, Vac.,
      3 Bu Boxes, 250 Monitor
JD 1770 Planter, 12/30

 Tillage Equipment

JD 630 Disk, 19-3", Hyd. Fold,
      Up and Down Pressure on Wings,
      Lift and Gauge Wheels on Wings,
      3 Bar Spring Tooth Harrow, One Owner,
      Always Shedded, Very Nice
JD 235 Disk, 24' Hyd Fold Wings
IH 470 Disk, 18' Man. Fold Wings, Good Disk
IH 480 Disk, 21' Man. Fold Wings,
      Like New Blades, Good Condition
Case IH 496 Disk, 24 1/2', 9" Spacing,
      New Front Blades, New Tires and Wheels
IH 370 Disk, 12'
JD 425 HD Offset Disk, 10', Cone Blades
MF 22 Disk, 6', 3pt., Good Condition
JD 3x16 Plow, 3 pt.
IH 4x14 Plow, 3 pt. w/ Coulters
Brillion 15' Cultimulcher
Willrich 10 Shank Chisel Plow,
      New Points, Pull Type, Walking Tandems
AC 7 Shank Chisel Plow, Pull Type
      w/ Hyd Cylinder
Kewanee 9 Shank Chisel Plow, Pull Type
10' Cultipacker, Single Roller, Pull Type
Oliver 4 Bottom Semi Mount Plow
JD 4x16 Plow, Semi Mount, w/ Coulters
      and Cover Boards
MF 2 Bottom Plow, 3 pt. w/ Coulters
      and Tail Wheel
Graham Plow Co. 7 Shank Chisel Plow,
      Pull Type
M&W 1815 Rotary Hoe, 15'
Buffalo 4R Cultivator, 3 pt.
(2) Buffalo Scout, 3 pt Hitches
JD 10' Disk, Pull Type w/ Cylinder
JD 3x14 Plow, 3 pt, w/ Coulters
      and Cover Boards
JD 11 Shank Field Cultivator, Pull Type
AC 2 Bottom Plow, Pull Type
Oliver 1 Bottom Plow, 3 pt
9 Shank AA Applicator, 3 pt, Hyd Shutoff
8' Homemade Double Disk
JD 1010 Field Cultivator, 27' Pull Type
Hyd Fold Wings w/ Good Harrow
Vicon KM 4000 Disk Mower, Pull Type, 13'
IH 490 Disk, 20' Hyd. Fold Wings, Good Blades
Kuhn GMD800 9' Disc Mower
added 2-16-2018
JD 950 Cultimulcher, 15

 Manure Spreaders

Knight 8024 Protwin Slinger, 1000 PTO,
      Good Condition
H&S 175 Spreader, 540 PTO, Single Axle
Gehl 250 Spreader, Single Axle
BBI 16' Litter Spred, 540 PTO,
      Hyd Tandem Pumps
Farm Star Irrigation Traveler
NI Ground Drive Manure Spreader
Hesston 235 Spreader, Hyd End Gate,
      Single Axle
Knight 8018 Side Slinger Spreader
NH 308 Side Slinger, 2400 Gallon
2013 Kuhn 1230 Manure Spreader,
      Tandem Axle, Top Beater,
      Good Condition
2005 Meyer 2636 V Max Spreader,
      Single Axle, 360 Bu, 540 PTO
NI 3632 Spreader, Tandem Axle
added 2-16-2018
NH 329 Manure Spreader, Hyd. End Gate


Woods 15' Batwing Cutter, 540 PTO
Bushhog 3008 Cutter, 8', Pull Type, Nice
(2) Woods 121 10' Cutters, Pull Type,
      540 PTO
Bushhog 2615 Cutter, 15', Batwing,
      1000 PTO
Woods 6' Pull Type Cutter
Land Pride 1260 5' Cutter, 3pt, Like New

 Grinder Mixers
      & Feed Mixers

Knight 3030 Reel Auggie Mixer, 540 PTO,
      3 Auger Discharge, w/ Scale
Penta 3000 Vertical Mixer, S.S. Conveyor,
      Unloads Both Sides, Digital Scale
IH 1150 Grinder Mixer, w/ Drag Auger
NH 355 Grinder Mixer, Self-Contained Hyds,
      Hyd Load and Unload, New Scale,
      New Weigh Bars
Grain-O-Vator Feed Wagon, Single Axle
JD 68 Auger Wagon
IH 85 Grinder Mixer
Homemade 3 Ton Auger Wagon
added 2-16-2018
Roto Mix VXT-425 Vertical Mixer, Twin Screw

 Silage Equipment

(2) Badger Shacker Pan Silage Blowers,
      540 PTO
JD 7' Hay Pickup Head
JD 714A Silage Wagon, 14' Single Axle
JD 214 Silage Wagon Box, 14'
JD 2 R 30" Corn Head
(2) Badger BN950 Silage Wagons, 16',
      Tandem Axle
(2) NH 28 Silage Blowers, 540 PTO
IH 56 Silage Blower
JD 3975 Silage Chopper, Kernal Proccessor,
      w/JD 2RN Corn Head
      and JD 7' Hay Pickup Head
Field Queen 7600 Silage Chopper,
      Cat Motor, 2wd, 3 Row Corn Head,
      Hay Head, Parts Machine

 Hay Equipment

Buffalo Flail Mower, 15'
Hesston 1120 Haybine, 9' Stub Guards
Hesston 1130 Haybine, 9'
2015 NH H6750, 9', 3pt, Disc Mower,
      Little Use
NH 499 Haybine, 12' Hydro Swing,
      Rubber Rolls, Nice
JD 820 MoCo, 9' Rubber Rolls, Faded,
      Little Use
JD 350 Sickle Bar Mower, 9' Bar
IH 100 Sickle Bar Mower, 7' Bar
JD 920 MoCo, 9' Flails, 540 PTO
NH 499 Haybine, Needs Some Repairs
JD 1209 Haybine, 9' Rubber Rolls
(2) JD 1360 MoCo, Flails, For Parts
MF Hay Rake
Hesston 12 Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
M & W 8 Wheel Hay Rake, Hyd Fold
NH 258 Rake, New Teeth and Paint
NH 258 Bar rake
2010 NH H5920 10 Wheel Rake, Like New
JD 74 Bar Rake Hyd Drive
NH 216 Rake
NH 570 Square Baler, 540 PTO
NH 273 Square Baler, Wagon Hitch,
      Long Chute
Claas 46 Baler, Net Wrap, Roto Cutter,
      Used Last Year, Works Good
NH 855 Chain Baler, 540 PTO
NH BR7070 Baler, 5900 Bales, 4x6,
      Net & Twine w/ Silage Kit
JD 671 Bar Rake, Dolly Wheel
JD 336 Square Baler
Case IH 8465 Round Baler, Automatic,
      5x6 Bales, Twine Only, w/ Monitor
Hesston 856 Round Baler, 540 PTO,
      Twine Only
NH 275 Small Square Baler
NH BR780 Baler, Net and Twine,
      w/ Monitor, 540 PTO
NH 275 Square Baler,
      New Wiper Arms and Bills Hooks
JD 22 Hay Crimper
NI Popup Bale Loader
Vermeer SW 5000 Bale Wrapper,
      w/ Electric Over Hyd Controls
JD 752 Hay Tedder, 4 Basket
JD 920 MoCo, 9' Flails, 540 PTO
Kuhn GMD 44 Disk Mower, 5' Cut
Case IH 8460 Round Baler
Case IH 8350 Haybine, 12' Side Pull
2008 Kuhn GMD313TG Trailed Disk Mower
10' 2" Cut, Gear Boxes Rebuilt in 2015,
      Not Been Used Much Since,
      Great Condition
NH 852 Chain Baler
2007 MF 2756 Baler, Hesston Series, 5x6,
      Net/Twine, 9676 Bales
Vermeer 504G Round Baler
NH 488 Haybine
JD 336 Small Square Baler
NH 848 Round Baler, Twine Only
NH 166 Hay Inverter
NH 256 Bar Rake, Dolly Wheel
(2) Sulky Rakes, Really Good
NH 270 Small Square Baler, Works Good
JD 936 MoCo, 11'6" Cut, Flails, 540 PTO
NH BR780 Round Baler, Auto Wrap, Twine Only
NH BR7090 Round Baler, Net/Twine
Sitrex MK12 High Cap. Wheel Rake
Sitrex RP4 Wheel Rake, 3 pt
Minos 190B Drum Mower, 5' Cut
H&S 12 Wheel Bi Fold Rake
added 2-16-2018
NH D1000 Big Square Baler, 2x3 Bales
     w/ Monitor
Hesston 3717 Tedder, 4 Basket

 Grain Carts,
    Gravity Flows
       & Gravity Augers

Parker 450 Grain Cart, Small 1000TO
Parker 250 Grain Cart, 540 PTO,
      18.4-26 Tires
Hieder Gravity Wagon, 8 Bolt Wheels,
      Approx. 300 bu
Parker Gravity Wagon, 8 Bolt Wheels,
      Approx. 300 bu
Bush Hog Stanhoist Barge Wagons
      w/ Hyd Hoist & Grain Gates
Killbros Gravity Wagon on JD Gear
Farm King Gravity Wagon
McCormick Barge Wagon
Park Gravity Wagon on 8 Hole Gear,
      Approx. 350-400 bu
Westfield 10"x61' Auger
      w/ Low Pro Swing Hopper
8"x50' Grain Auger
8"x40' Grain Auger
Superior 8"x51" Grain Auger
NH 30' Ear Corn Elevator w/ Drag Auger
SS Seed Shuttle 290, Bumper Hitch,
      2- 144 Unit Poly Boxes,
      8"x24' Belt Conveyor,
      Wireless Remote Control, Honda Engine
Gravity Flow Wagon w/ Roof,
      Used as Feed Bin
M&W Gravity Wagon, Approx. 380 bu,
      Divider, 8 Bolt Wheels

 Skid Steers,
      Construction Equipment, 
           Attachments & Blades

2010 JD 320D Skid Steer, 1773 Hrs, CAH,
      Electric QT, Foot Controls
Bobcat 825 Skid Steer, 5500 Hrs,
      Aux. Hyd., 2 Spd, 4 Cyl., Perkins Diesel
2008 JD CT 332 Skid Steer, 2240 Hrs,
      Ft. Controls
2003 Case 40XT Skid Steer, 4400 Hrs,
      Aux Hyd, New Tires
Bobcat T200 Skid Steer, 4935 Hrs,
      Rubber Tracks
2014 JD 35G Mini Excavator, 1982 Hrs,
      12" Bucket, Long Stick, New Tracks
(4) New Stout HD, 72-3 Grapple Buckets
      (One w/ Open Ends)
New Brute Skid Steer Cutter, 6'
New Easy Man Tree Puller
(3) New Stout X HD 84-6 Grapple Bucket
New TMG GL-SP240 Snowblade, 8',
      Skid Steer, QT
Bobcat 811 Backhoe Attach Off T200
New IA 165 Blade, 10', 3 pt,
      Hyd Swing & Angle
New IA F07 Box Blade, 7', w/ Cylinder
Landpride BB172 Box Blade, 6', 3 pt.
      w/ Teeth
Danuser 8' Blade 3 pt.
Heavy Duty 8' Blade 3 pt.
New IA 180 Blade, 8', 3 pt, Hyd. Tilt, Angle
New Stout SG13-R Stump Grinder,
      Skid Steer QT
New Stout Tree and Post Puller
New Lowe 750 Hyd Auger 12",
      Skid Steer QT
New Stout Add on Fork Grapple
New Stout 72-8 Brush Grapple
      Skid Steer QT
Case 1845 Skid Steer, Case Diesel,
      Like New Tires, New Paint
New Stout 66-9 Brush Grapple
New Stout HD72-FB Grapple Bucket
added 2-16-2018
New I.A. 9 3pt Blade, Hyd. Tilt

 Trucks & Trailers

1970 IH Lone Star 1600 Grain Truck,
      80,000 Original One Owner Miles,
      18' Bed, Hyd Hoist, w/ Grain and Silage
      End Gate, One Owner
1973 GMC 600 Grain Truck,
      18' Bed Hyd Hoist, Silage and Grain End
      Gates, V6 Eng.
1997 Chevy C700 Grain Truck, 18' Bed
1991 Coose Stock Trailer, 6.8"x20',
      2 - 7000 lb Axles
Greenline 6 Bale Hay Trailer
20' Gooseneck Cattle Trailer
JD Implement Trailer, 7'x28'
Oklahoma Gooseneck Trailer, 24',
      Tandem Axle
Homemade 16' Livestock Trailer,
      Bumper Hitch, Tandem Axle,
      Recently Rebuilt, Good Condition, w/ Title
1999 Landoll Haul All Equipment Trailer
      for Semi
IH 4700 Single Axle Truck, 6 Cyl., Diesel,
      14' Flatbed

 Miscellaneous Items

2012 JD 825i Gator, 1100 Hrs, Camo,
      PS Aluminum Wheels, Fender Guards,
NH 7310 Loader w/ Valve and Mounts
      to fit 35 or TL Series
Leon 700 Loader w/ Brackets & Valve
Roll Guard and Canopy off JD 2755
Pair 18.4x30 Tires and Wheels
      w/ 8 Hole Centers
Mahindra Loader Bucket and Bale Spike
Pair 14"x45" Rear Rubber Belt Wheels
      off Compact
Pair 9"x26" Front Rubber Belt Wheels
      off Compact
Kory 8 Ton Wagon Gear, New Paint
JD 953 Wagon, Like New,
      8x16 Treated Hay Bed,
      Very Good Condition
(2) 4"x16' Tube Augers (One w/ Motor)
6"x10' Tube Auger w/ Motor
Rockwell Delta Table Saw
(4) New 20x25 Tires, 16 Ply.
      For Wheel Loader
Used Semi Tires and Wheels
Used Air Ride Seat
Semi Truck Fuel Tank
Bulk Oil Tank
JD 185 Riding Mower, Hydro Trans.
JD 110 Lawn Tractor
Pair of 18.4x30 Tractor Tires
1500 Gal. Poly Tank w/ Valve
12 Bu. Seed Boxes for JD 1760 Planter
JD 317 Riding Mower, As Is
Kelly Loader, Hyd. Bucket off Case 430
Pallet of Good Disk Blades
Pallet of Ford and NH Parts
3pt Wood Splitter
14' Hog Carrier Trailer, Hyd Up and Down
Small Animal Scale
(2) New Franklin EE F10 Cattle Waters
Automatic Cattle Head Gate
Toro Proline 724Z Zeroturn Mower,
      127 Hrs, 24 HP, 6" Cut
Troybuilt Tuffy Reartine Tiller,
      New Eng.
Used Rake Wheels
JD X540 Riding Mower, 430 Hrs, 54" Cut,
      Hydro, PS, Liquid Cooled Gas
(2) Calf Tel Calf Hutches
Pierson Cattle Chute w/ Powder Riverhead Gate
DMI 18.4x38 Duals w/ Clamps
Unverferth 18.4x38 Duals w/ Clamps
added 2-16-2018
Betterbuilt 2300 Vac. Tank
Frontier Grapple Bucket,
     Fits 500 Series JD Loaders
Transfer Water Pump, Briggs Eng.,
     Barely Used
Lot of New & Old Stock Trailer Axles
Lot of Dually Wheels
Hennig 4 Prong 3pt. Bale Mover,
     2 Bale Capacity, Like New
Little Creeper Creep Feeder
Cattle Head Gate
100 Gal. Fuel Tank on Stand
2 Wheel Brush Saw, No Motor
Troybilt Riding Mower 42 Cut
JD X320 Riding Mower, 42 Deck, 903 Hrs,
Front Mount Snowblade for Truck
Calf Catch Crate for Front Loader
Cattle Branding Iron, Like New
(6) Feed Troughs, 10
New Baler Belt Lacing Tool
(2) Hay Rings
Lot of Corral Panels 10&12
Gooseneck Hay Trailer, 8 Bale
Bumper Hitch Hay Trailer, 8 Bale
Portable Self Feeder w/ Creeps
JD 1275 Wagon Gear, 12T Tandem
A.A. Wagon Gear, 6 Bolt Wheels
JD 158 Loader w/ QT Bucket
JD Bale Spike for 500 Series Loader
JD 2 Prong Bale Spike for 600 Series Loader

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