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Semi-Annual Kilmer Farm Equipment & Area Consignment Auction, Saturday, August 26, 2016 at 10:00 AM, Versailles, MO
 Auction Location 
14769 Cattle Ln.
Versailles, MO  65084

At the Intersection of Hwy 5 and Hwy 52 in Versailles, go North on Hwy 5 for 1 mile to Cattle Lane then turn Right ( East)
and go mile to Sale Site.
 2 Rings may run day of sale.
Please note that this sale bill is subject to additions
& deletions due to daily business.
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Farm & Construction Equipment


JD 5075E, 36 hrs, 1 SCV, 9Fx3R Trans
JD 2940, 11,976 hrs, MFWD, 2 SCVs,
     Dual PTO
JD 6603, 9Fx3R Trans, 2 SCVs, Dual PTO
JD 6400, 7490 hrs, MFWD, CAH,
     16sp PQ Trans, 2 SCVs, Dual PTO
JD 7200, 5400 hrs, MFWD, 16sp PQ Trans,
     CAH, 2 SCVs, Dual PTO, w/JD 740 Loader
JD 6300, 8400 hrs, MFWD, 16sp PQ Trans,
JD 2550, 7800 hrs, 2wd, Rollbar, 1 SCV,
     w/Westendorf Loader, Bucket
     & Bale Spear
JD 6415, MFWD, Syncro Trans, 2 SCVs
JD 4320, All Season Cab, Dual PTO,
     New Clutch, Runs Good
JD 3020, Diesel, Syncro Trans, WF
JD 2355, 9040 hrs, MFWD, Cab, 2 SCVs,
     w/JD 245 Loader
NH TC45, 4901 hrs, MFWD, 4sp Hydro,
     2 SCVs, w/Loader
Ford 6600, CAH, 8Fx2R Trans, 2 SCVs
Ford 5000, Diesel, 3pt, PTO
1999 Ford 1925, MFWD, Diesel, HST Trans,
     3pt, PTO
MF 135, Gas, 3pt
MF 1100, Diesel, Factor Cab, Multi Power
MF 1250, 800 hrs, MFWD, Gear Drive,
     w/Loader, Nice
MF 4243, 3200 hrs, CAH, 2wd, 2 SCVs, 3pt,
     18.4x30 Tires, Front Weights
Kubota B2150, 1282 hrs, MFWD, HST Trans
Case IH Farmall 95, 3900 hrs, MFWD,
     2 SCVs, New Clutch, w/Loader
MeMo M753, Cab, Good Tires,
     Jumps Out of Gear, w/Loader
Case 380, Diesel, 3pt, PTO, New Tires,
     Jumps Out of Gear, w/Loader
Case IH Puma 165, MFWD, CAH
JD 7800, 7909 hrs, PQ Trans, CAH,
     Nice Tractor
JD 4030, CAH, Quad Range
JD 6420, MFWD, PQ Trans, OS, 3 SCVs
2005 MF 5435, 1085 hrs, MFWD,
     16x16 Power Reverser, w/Loader, Nice
Added 8-15-2017
JD 7410 Tractor, 6100 hrs, MFWD, 16sp PQ,
     3 SCVs, Dual PTO,
     w/ 740SL Loader and Bucket
2006 Case IH MXM Tractor, 190 Pro,
     6490 Hrs, CAH, 4x4 PS Trans
IH 966 Tractor, 5564 hrs, T.A., Runs Good
JD 755 Tractor, 653 hrs, Hydro Trans, 2wd

 Combines, Heads
      & Header Trailers

1978 JD 4400 Combine, Diesel, 2wd, Cold Air,
     Second Owner, Good Condition,
     Well Maintained, w/213 Flex Head
JD 443 Corn Head, Low Tin, Good Condition
JD 608C Corn Head
Gleaner R62 Combine, 4wd
JD 343 Corn Head, 3 RN
IH 963 Corn Head, 6 RN
IH 863 Corn Head, 6 RN
MF 1143 Corn Head, 4 RN
JD 643 Corn Head, 6 RN, Low Tin
Challenger 30' Header Trailer, Like New
Unverferth 25' Header Trailer, w/Lights
JD 9400 Combine, 4wd

  Drills & Seeders

JD 8300 Drill, 21 Hole
JD 8300 Drill, 18 Hole, Grass Seeder
Great Plains 1500 NT Drill, 15'
JD FB 13x7 Drill, Double Disk Openers,
     Grass Seeder
Oliver Grain Drill, Steel Wheels,
     Wood Seed Box
JD B Grain Drill, 16 Hole, Single Disk Opener,
     Grass Seeder
Brillion SSLF1-120 Seeder, 10', Pull Type,
     No Wheels
Brillion 10' Seeder

 Tillage Equipment

IH 490 Disk, 22', Hyd Fold
MF 18' Disk, 20" Blades, Manual Fold
JD 235 Disk, 24', 7 " Spacing, Hyd Fold
IH 480 Disk, 20', Manual Fold
IH 370 Disk, 12'
IH 37 Disk, 10'
IH 330 Disk, 12', Like New Blades & Bearings
IH 37 Disk, 10', New Paint
JD H1110 Disk, 14', 7 " Spacing,
     Good Condition
IH 37 Disk, 12'
IH 480 Disk, New Blades, 20', Manual Fold
AC 15' Disk, 8 " Spacing, Manual Fold
JD 4x16 Plow, Semi Mount
IH 521 Plow, 2x16, Restored, 3pt
JD RM 2 Row Cultivator, S-Tine,
     w/Rolling Fenders
JD 825 Cultivator, 6 Row
JD 22B Ripper, 1 Shank
Self Farms 3 Shank Deep Ripper, 3pt
AC 4 Bottom Plow, 3pt, w/Coulters
Krause 1071 Chisel Plow, 10 Shank
AC 1500 Disk Chisel, 7 Shank
Ferguson 6' Cultivator, 3pt
IH 710 Plow, 4 Bottom, Semi Mount, w/Coulters
JD 15 Plow, 1 Bottom, 3pt
JD 3x14 Plow, w/Coulters
White 378 Cultivators, 6 Row
Kewanee 15' Culti-Mulcher
Brillion 12' Culti-Mulcher
Brillion 15' Culti-Mulcher
Added 8-15-2017
IH 470 Disk, 12 Tandem

 Silage Equipment

JD 3975 Chopper, w/Kernel Processor,
     7' Hay Head, 3 RN Corn Head
JD 3940 Chopper, w/2 RN Corn Head
Gehl 860 Chopper, w/2 RN Corn Head
Hesston 7145 Chopper, w/2 RW Corn Head,
     Good Condition
Hesston 7020 Chopper, w/Hay Head
Hesston 2000-150 Chopper, w/2 RN Corn Head
Gehl BU910 Silage Wagon, 14', Single Axle
Meyer 500TSS Silage Wagon, 16',
     Tandem Axle, Variable Speed Unload
Badger BN2054 Silage Blower
JD 7' Hay Head
JD 35 Chopper, w/2 Row Head, Nice
(2) Badger 14' Silage Wagons
Lancaster 40 Silage Processor Blower
Case IH 600 Silage Blower,
     w/Gandy Applicator
NH 28 Silage Blower, 540 PTO

 Grain Carts
      & Gravity Wagons

A&L 47 Grain Cart, Roll Tarp, Big New Tires
160 bu Gravity Wagon
Gravity Wagon on 8 Ton Wagon Gear,
     w/Tarp & Auger
Killbros 300 Gravity Wagon on JD Gear,
     New Paint
160 bu Gravity Wagon on 5 Bolt Gear, Tin Roof
Added 8-15-2017
Gleaner N6 Combine
     converted to 600 bu Grain Cart,
     Hydrostatic Drive Trans.,
     Weigh Tronix Scale Everything,
     Works and Drives

 Feed Mixers
      & Feed Wagons

Knight 2300 Reel Auggie Mixer
Mono Mixer 1315 Mixer, 540 PTO, w/Scales
Grain-o-Vator 55 Feed Wagon
Heider Auger Wagon, w/Top, Long Auger
2017 Diamond K 24' Feeder Wagon,
     Tandem Axle, 16" 14ply Tires
Penta 5600 Vertical Mixer, Hyd Drive Conveyor
Knight 3020 Reel Auggie Mixer, w/Scales
Knight 3030 Reel Auggie Mixer, w/Scales
Farmhand Grinder Mixer, Works
Teagle 8080WB Tomahawk Bale Shredder,
     540 PTO, w/Blower Fan


Bush Hog SQ60 Cutter, 5', 3pt
Shulte XH1500 Cutter, 15', 1000 PTO
JD 15' Cutter, Good Condition
Twin Brute 120 Cutter, 10', Semi Mount
Bush Hog 5' Cutter
Woods 208 Cutter, 8', Semi Mount
Farmhand 15 Cutter', 540 PTO
Alamo A96 Cutter, 8', 3pt
FMC 6' Cutter, 3pt
Woods RM400 Finish Mower, 4'
King Kutter FM60Y Finish Mower, 5'
Land Pride 11' Finish Mower
Woods RM59 Finish Mower, 5'
Frontier GM1060R Finish Mower, 5'
King Kutter SFM84Y Finish Mower, 7'

 Hay Equipment

JD 920 MoCo, 9' Cut, Pull Type
JD 1327 MoCo, 9'9" Cut, Flail Conditioner
NH 499 Haybine, Hydro Swing, 12' Cut,
     w/Rubber Rolls, Nice
2005 Reese 2070W Drum Mower, 6' Cut,
     540 PTO
Hesston 1130 Haybine, 9' Cut, w/Rolls
JD 926 MoCo, 9'9" Cut, w/Flail Conditioner
NH 648 Round Baler, Auto Wrap, Twine Only
2014 Kuhn SR110G2 Speed Rake, 10 Wheel,
     Hyd Fold, Nice
IH 1300 Sickle Bar Mower, 9'
NH 273 Square Baler, Super Sweep Pickup,
     w/Wagon Hitch & Shute
Ogden 8 Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
NH 275 Square Baler, Super Sweep Pickup,
     w/Wagon Hitch
Krone 5.50/4X7T Tedder, 4 Basket, Hyd Fold
Vermeer 8 Wheel Rake, Hyd Fold
NH 56 Bar Rake
JD 660 Bar Rake, w/Dolly Wheel
NH 65 Square Baler, 12"x14" Bales
Case IH 8465A Round Baler, Twine Only
NH 570 Square Baler, Nice
2009 NH BR7070 Round Baler, 7900 hrs, 4x6,
     Net & Twine, w/Silage Kit
NH 850 Chain Baler, Working Condition
NH 488 Haybine
Added 8-15-2017
JD 336 Square Baler
2007 JD Round Baler, 9767 Bales,
     Hi Moisture Kit for Silage,
     540 PTP w/ Slip Clutch, Mega Wide PU
     w/ Gauge Wheels, Bale Push Bar,
     Net and Twine
2002 Case IH RBX462 Round Baler,
     12,134 Bales, 540 PTO, Net and Twine,
     Wide PU w/ Hyd. Lift, Gauge Wheels

 Manure Handling

2008 Meyer 2636 Spreader, Tandem Axle,
     One Owner, Works Good
NI 351 Spreader, w/Top Beater, Hyd End Gate
2001 Meyer 5570 Spreader, 750 bu,
     Tandem Axle, 1000 PTO, Like New Tires
NI 209 Spreader, Ground Driven
NH 514 Spreader, Top Beater,
     Like New Floor Chain, Weak Axle
Manure Injector off Balzer 3350 Tank

 Skid Steers,
      Construction Equipment, 
           Attachments & Blades

2016 BobCat T590 Skid Steer, 550 hrs,
     A71 Pkg, 2sp, Wide Tracks,
     Roller Suspension, Joystick Control,
     CAH, Self-Leveling, w/Tooth Bucket
2007 JD CT332 Skid Steer, 3179 hrs,
     Foot Control, w/Bucket
2002 BobCat T250 Skid Steer, 2796 hrs,
     Foot & Hand Control, CAH, w/Bucket
2013 Takeuchi TL12 Skid Steer, 1550 hrs,
     CAH, 2sp, Hi-Flow, w/Tooth Bucket
JD 7775 Skid Steer, Diesel, Runs Good
CAT 931B Track Loader
New Pallet Forks Skid Steer Attachment
Bale Spear Skid Steer Attachment
72" Bucket Skid Steer Attachment
Bolt on Grapple Attachment for Bucket
Post Hole Digger Skid Steer Attachment
Brute 80" Grapple Bucket Skid Steer
McLaren Skid Steer Tracks, Like New,
     Off of JD 315 Skid Steer
2006 JD CT332 Skid Steer, 3000 hrs,
     Foot Control, 2sp, w/Bucket
BobCat 709 Backhoe Attachment
3pt Dirt Scoop
New 72" Brush Cutter Skid Steer Attachment
Bison NVH270XHD Blade, 9', 3pt,
     w/Hyd Swing
New IA 165 Blade, 10', 3pt, Hyd Swing & Tilt
New IH 180 Blade, 8', 3pt, Hyd Swing & Tilt
JD 584 Front Tractor Blade, 9'
Added 8-15-2017
1999 JD 850 C2 Dozer, 9402 Hrs,
     New Under Carriage (approx. 100 hrs)
     Hydro Trans

 Vehicles & Trailer

1997 Ford F350 Truck, 7.3L Diesel, 2wd,
     Dually, Ext Cab, Cold Air
2002 Dodge Caravan, 200,000 miles,
     Runs & Drives Good
2000 Ford F250 Truck, 7.3L Diesel,
     Manual Trans, 4wd, Crew Cab, Shortbed,
     B&W Gooseneck Hitch, TS Performance
     Position Chip, Extra HD Rear Springs,
     King Ranch Interior, Works Daily,
     Good Truck
2005 PJ Flatbed Trailer, 25', Gooseneck,
     Tandem Dually, Dove Tail & Ramps
32' Inline Bale Trailer, Gooseneck,
     Self Unloading
2007 Dodge Ram 2500 Truck, 325,000 miles,
     5.9L Cummins, 4wd
2007 Ford F150 Truck, 218,000 miles,
     Ext Cab, 4.6L
2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 189,000 miles,
     4wd, 3.0L Turbo Diesel
2002 Chevy Tahoe, 196,000 miles, 4wd,
2001 Chevy 1500 Silverado Truck,
     113,000 miles, 4.3L
2001 Dodge Durango, 224,000 miles, 4wd,
2000 Honda Accord Ex, 223,000 miles, 3.0L
1997 Livestock Trailer, 16', Gooseneck

 Riding Mowers

JD 185 Riding Mower, 48" Deck, w/Bagger
JD 188 Riding Mower, 48" Deck
Bush Hog Zero Turn Mower, 54" Deck
Cub Cadet LTX1050 Riding Mower, 356 hrs,
     50" Deck, Hydro Trans
Added 8-15-2017
JD X720 Lawn Tractor, 290 hrs.,
     Water Cooled, Hydro, 62 Hyd. Lift Deck

 Miscellaneous Items

KMC Cruster, New Front Chain & Bottom
ChemFarm 500 Gallon Sprayer, 45' Booms,
     540 PTO, Foam Markers
JD 1065 Wagon Gear, 8 Ton
J&M 10 Ton Wagon Gear, New Paint
Kory 8 Ton Wagon Gear, 6 Bolt Wheels
New 235/85R16 Tires, 14ply, 8 Hole Wheels
New 225/75R15 Tires, 10ply, 6 Hole Wheels
New Titan 12.5/80-18 Tires, 8 Hole Wheels
Superior Bale Spike w/Global QT
JD 300 Corn Picker, 2 RN, Late Style
NI 325 Corn Picker, 2 Row 30" Head
JD 158 Loader, Bucket,
     w/Brackets to fit JD 2950 or JD 4020
JD 725 Loader, w/Brackets off of JD 7610
HD Dual Loader, 7' Bucket, Off of IH Tractor
Rhino 2408TL Loader, For Compact Tractors,
     Never Used, Blue in Color
Morris 5 Section Spring Tooth Harrow
(20) 10" I-Beams, 13 ' Long
Category III Quick Hitch
Complete Set of 4 Tires & Wheels, Off of JD 7720 Combine, 4wd
2009 Dodge Dually Truck Bed, White, Nice
DMI HD Cushion Hitch Bumper, For Truck
Surge Alamo Vac Pump, No Motor
Surge Pulsation Control Box
Surge Milk Pump Receiver Panel
Receiver Jar
Milk Pump
1 ", 2" & 3" SS Pipline
Misc Milking Equipment
20' Ear Corn Elevator
Set of Steel Wheels off of JD 5200 Tractor
3pt Bale Grabber
Bale Grabber w/JD 500 Series Loader, QT
JD 62" Mower Deck, Off of JD 2210,
     Good Condition
Gandy Dry Applicator for Baler, w/Control
Spring Tooth Harrow off of IH 12' Disk
Year Around Cab off of JD Tractor w/AC
Adapter Plate to Put JD Corn Picker Head
     on JD Chopper
Misc Tractor Tires, Implement Tires and Parts
200' of 12" Plastic Aeration Tubes,
     w/Fan for Flat Grain Storage
Misc Farm Gates
Jetco Rear Dump Wagon w/Sides,
     on 6 Bolt Gear

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Kilmer Farm  Equipment &  Various Area  Consignors
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Wheeler Auctions at 660-327-5890
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